Talking Fine Jewelry and Watches with CHANEL’s Cyndle Komarovksi

Photography by Stas Komarovksi

The latest collection of CHANEL watches (Code Coco, we are looking at you!) has hit BG and we teamed up with one of CHANEL’s go-to makeup artists Cyndle Komarovski to test drive some of our favorite pieces. Ahead of the shoot we caught up with Komarovski to find out what she considers to be a timeless piece of jewelry, her beauty secrets, and more. Read the story below and shop the collections now in store on our Main Floor.

Bergdorf Goodman: What is your favorite piece in the Code Coco collection and how
            do you envision you would wear it?

Cyndle Komarovski: My favorite piece from the Code Coco collection is the black ceramic watch. I love the balance between masculine and feminine, that it’s a bracelet and a watch, and that it makes an unexpected statement. This winter I plan to wear it over the sleeve of my classic black turtlenecks.

       BG: What do you consider to be the characteristics of a timeless
            piece of jewelry?

CK: Timeless jewelry does not adhere to the latest trends, it’s made with special detail and beautiful craftsmanship. To me, it is something you can pass down to your children and CHANEL is the epitome of timelessness.

    BG: As a makeup artist, what is your best kept beauty secret?

CK: Using an ice cube to give myself or my client a quick massage before skincare and makeup. Its helps de-puff the skin while stimulating circulation.

      BG: Can you tell us what your go to beauty look is for the holiday
            season and what products you use to achieve it?

CK: My go-to holiday look is always a pop of red on the lips. Right now I am loving CHANEL Rouge Allure Liquid Powder. It’s feather light but full of pigment and staying power, and it is a fun new way to wear red lipstick. I am also into a full, defined brow and would recommend using the CHANEL Stylo Sourcils Waterproof Defining Eyebrow Pencil. It’s great for defining the shape and allows you to easily build the intensity. Lastly, a sweep of metallic gold shimmer to highlight the eyes is always a good idea. The CHANEL Ombre Première Longwear Powder Shadow in Electrum Lamé is a gorgeous gold with metallic flecks that catch the light as you move.

    BG: What is your earliest Chanel memory?

CK: When I was little, my father brought me out shopping for my mother’s Christmas gift and he purchased Chanel N°5. Every time I smell it, it brings me right back in time. I love to spray it whenever I am feeling a little homesick.



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