Sweetbitter Creator Stephanie Danler On Her NYC Favorites

Sweetbitter Season 1 Marketing Shoot Dec 10-11 2017

Stephanie Danler’s first job when she arrived in New York City was as a server at the iconic restaurant Union Square Café. Since then, she’s written a best-selling novel Sweetbitter (based on her personal experiences) and helped create a highly-anticipated television series of the same name, which premieres Sunday, May 6th on Starz. We chatted with the producer about her NYC haunts and her signature style.

Bergdorf Goodman: What is your favorite cuisine?

Stephanie Danler: Definitely Italian. My mother was an Italian cook but educated at the Cordon Bleu in Paris so I got the best of both worlds. I think the Italian way with vegetables simple, seasoned, tons of olive oil is unparalleled.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.51.57 AM

A still shot from Sweetbitter on Starz

BG: What is your favorite meal?

SD: That’s a huge question. My favorite meal out is a plate of fresh oysters, bread and butter, and super cold white wine. It’s a meal I can have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

BG: What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?

SD: Right now, it’s probably Via Carota. I love what [owners] Jody [Williams] and Rita [Sodi] do with vegetables, and their cacio e pepe is my favorite in the city.

BG: What outfit would you wear to dinner there?

SD: I’m from LA so I definitely believe in jeans and I don’t dress up unless someone is forcing me. I’d do the Rag & Bone distressed straight leg jean with the Alexander Wang tilt heel black leather boots (I have those, I adore them). On top of that, an Equipment striped silk shirt and a Rag and Bone cropped leather jacket. It’s simple, not too feminine, and the silk keeps it elegant. I’d eat anywhere downtown in that outfit.

Marlow & Sons, group dining 3

Photo Courtesy of Marlow and Sons.

BG: What is your go-to dinner spot in NYC currently?

SD: Marlow and Sons. It’s close to where we film Sweetbitter. I go there multiple times a week and I’m never, ever bored.

BG: Who are your dream dinner party guests (past and present)?

SD: MFK Fisher, Joan Didion and Henry James. Now that’s a party.” What would be your last meal on earth “Thick sourdough toast with tons of butter.

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