Naeem Khan’s Tips for the BG Bride


In honor of his new bridal collection, designer Naeem Khan shares his tips for the BG Bride.  Named after varying wedding destinations, each look has its own identity while staying true to Naeem Khan’s aesthetic.  


1.  Rather than stark or bright white, consider a gown with a hint of color, like blush, champagne or nude.  It’s more flattering to skin tones, too.


2.  Remember that everyone will look at your back during the ceremony — a special detail on the back will make the greatest impact.


3.  Consider a gown with pockets!  They’re great for photos, in addition to being the perfect place to hide your lipstick and tissues.  Bonus: you can skip carrying a clutch.


4.  Stay true to your personal style — if you never wear your hair down, this is not the time to try it.


5. When you finally choose the gown, think about your location and venue, as they should go hand in hand.  Each of my Fall/Winter 2014 gowns was inspired by the places where brides say their vows—the beach, the garden and the city.

View the Naeem Khan Fall/Winter 2014 Bridal Collection this Friday, January 24 and Saturday, January 25.  Call 212 872 8957 to schedule an appointment.  RSVP



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