Closely Held: Considering Cross-Bodies

Nancy Gonzalez, Loewe, Goyard, Balenciaga & Celine 212 872 2601

The holidays are here… which brings to mind frenzied streets, arms laden with shopping bags and — perhaps — iPhones prepped for phonecalls made to Mom urgently asking if Dad would prefer cufflinks, a drill set or Vilebrequin swim trunks. In other words, this is not the time for clutch-carrying and top-handle toting.

Cross-body bags were made for the multi-tasking doyenne of Fashion City’s streets; and, considering Soho’s and Fifth Avenue’s pedestrian crush, size is of the essence.  Lucky for us cross-bodies have gone mini this season — seamlessly making our lives easier and, if our buyers have anything to do with it, stylish.  As we like to give expert advice here on 5th/58th, we called in our handbag buying ladies to share their expertise and favorite styles from the Main Floor and 5F.  So, whether you’re looking for something bold and chic from Nancy Gonzalez or a little downtown sleek from Rachel Zoe, we’ve got the styles & insight for you.  Plus, our buyers have kindly offered to model their favorite styles for us —  so you can see how the bags fit and fall from their shoulders.  Furthermore, we’ve taken some close-up shots from varying angles so you can view each style as though you were in our store.  So scroll down to see what Nelli, Kelly, Kristin, Katy, Aasha, Nicole, Sherri and Katherine are carrying and coveting this winter.

Rachel Zoe Edie Satchel
Sherri, 5F RTW & Handbag Buyer

Sherri - Rachel Zoe Edie Satchel 212 872 8901 Sherri - Rachel Zoe Edie Satchel 212 872 8901

When it comes to bags this season, Rachel Zoe’s are a must.  This saddle cross-body brings sophistication to your look… while still feeling urban and fun.  It’s new for Resort, and the color is amazing (trust me: it looks good with brown and black!) — oh, keep note of this: her bags flew off the shelves for Fall… so if you like it, call 212 872 8901 asap.
Rachel Zoe Edie Satchel, $375
212 872 8901
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Rachel Zoe Edie Satchel, $375 212 872 8901

Proenza Schouler Pouch
Katie, Main Floor Handbag Buyer

Proenza Schouler Pouch, 212 872 2519 Proenza Schouler Pouch, 212 872 2519

Proenza’s pouch is amazing  — especially in this new lipstick red.  It has enough capacity to function as a day bag with the convenience of a cross-body mini; which, in my book, is perfect for a weekend afternoon spent in Nolita.
Proenza Schouler Pouch, $1,225
Available in Black, Smoke and Red
212 872 2519
Proenza Schouler handbags are available in-store only

Proenza Schouler Pouch, 212 872 2519

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Wallet on Chain
Nelli, Main Floor Handbag Buyer

Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Wallet on Chain, 212 872 8820 Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Wallet on Chain, 212 872 8820

My new obsession: a wallet on a chain! This bag is deceptive because it looks so small, yet it’s so amazingly cute and functional.  I love that you can keep all of your credit cards and cash organized, and all you need to drop in are a phone (it fits!), keys and some lipgloss.  The best is when I’m at the airport and need to be hands-free and efficient.  When I’m ready to board, I throw it into my carry-on and I’m good to go.  Cross-body mini, wallet, and clutch all in one, in highly-collectible colors!  If only everything else were this easy…
Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Wallet on Chain, $1,450
Available in Aqua, Yellow, Red, Black and Green
212 872 8820
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Nancy Gonzalez Crocodile Wallet on Chain, 212 872 8820

Givenchy Pandora Cross-Body Mini
Katherine, Handbag Assistant Buyer

Givenchy Pandora Cross-Body Mini, 212 872 2601

You gotta love the functional yet rock & roll feel of this cross-body bag from Givenchy.  The unique shape is super cute when paired with jeans and a tee — or even when I’m glammed up for a night out (Employees Only, anyone?).
Givenchy Pandora Cross-Body Mini in Pepe Leather, $980
Available in Anthracite and Black

212 872 2601
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Givenchy Pandora Cross-Body Mini, 212 872 2601

Lanvin Mini Pop
Aasha, Handbag Assistant Buyer

 Lanvin Mini Pop, 212 872 2601 Lanvin Mini Pop, 212 872 2601

Could there be anything better than a Lanvin Mini Pop?  Even the name makes me smile.  It makes me think of a champagne bottle popping open — which always is the start of a fun time if you ask me.  This is my favorite NYC cross-body mini bag.  In black it’s the perfect work bag, when I need to edit my accessories down to just the essentials.  And on the weekends, it Lanvin-chic with a feminine twist tied in a sweet grosgrain ribbon. 
Lanvin Mini Pop
in Crackled Calf, $1,490
Available in Black, Pink and Teal
212 872 2601
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Lanvin Mini Pop, 212 872 2601

Loewe Flamenco
Nicole, Main Floor Handbag Buyer

Loewe Flamenco, 212 872 2577 Loewe Flamenco, 212 872 2577

Loewe’s Flamenco bag makes me smile.  I love wearing this eye-catching bag with the fun tassels and luxurious, supple napa leather.  It’s functional with a detachable shoulder strap, plus two roomy inner compartments perfectly store your wallet, blackberry, camera… and more!  No matter what the weather is… this bag will brighten your day!
Loewe Flamenco, $1,950
Available in Yellow, Magenta, Apple Green, Blue, Purple and Caramel
212 872 2577
Loewe Handbags are available in-store only
If you care to learn more about Loewe, see their Masters of Leather video on

Loewe Flamenco, 212 872 2577

Goyard Belvedere PM
Kelly, Handbag Assistant Buyer

Goyard Belvedere PM, 212 872 2517 Goyard Belvedere PM, 212 872 2517

The Goyard Belvedere is so functional and cute!! Such a great, hands-free city day-bag, to boot.  Not only is this bag cheerful & fabulous, but I love that you can make a statement by personalizing this cross-body to fit you.  I added a stripe of color to my black Belvedere… because who doesn’t like a burst of color?!
Goyard Belvedere PM, $1,540
212 872 2517
Goyard Handbags are available in-store only

Goyard Belvedere PM, 212 872 2517

Fendi Chameleon
Kristin, Handbag Assistant Buyer

Fendi Chameleon, 212 872 2577 Fendi Chameleon, 212 872 2577

Why is this bag called the Chameleon? I think it’s because, like a chameleon, this bag can adapt to its environment.  Case in point: here it is as a cross-body mini bag.  But, little did you know that the strap is removable and it becomes the cutest hand-held clutch when I want it to go from day to evening.  Love it in blue… such a fun transition into Spring.  Plus, it matches my eyes!
Fendi Chameleon, $980
212 872 2577

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Fendi Chameleon, 212 872 2577

Like what you saw?

Here are a few more styles that caught the eyes of our twitter & handbag girls!

Balenciaga Hip 

Balenciaga Hip, 212 872 2601Now this is the ultimate travel, city, weekend and going out bag.  Plus, it works as both a cross-body and shoulder bag!  While it’s still a mini bag, it does make a statement with the rose gold or nickel hardware — Nicole
Available in Red, Navy, Black, Anthracite, Rose, Grenadine Pink and Lilac
212 872 2601
Balenciaga Handbags only are available in-store

Prada Saffiano Wallet on a Chain


Prada Saffiano Lux Detachable Chain Clutch, 212 872 8821

Now this is the perfect cocktail party bag. To be honest, I love that you can carry a drink and savor bacon-wrapped scallops (my favorite hors d’oeuvres) without ever having to place your bag down (don’t you hate when you have to hide your bag under your coat on a banquette?).  And the best part are the metallic colors that add a fun accent and go with every holiday look! — Nicole
Available in Black, Gold and Silver. Only available in white online.

212 872 8821

Carlos Falchi Baby Signature Satchel

Carlos Falchi Baby Satchel, 212 872 2577

This is the ultimate dancing downtown, not having a single care in the world kind of bag.  The Baby Signature Satchel is a fun and playful rendition of Carlos Falchi’s original Buffalo silhouettes that took the world by a storm back in the late 70s and early 80s.  And it’s so light-weight that you barely can tell it’s there — and don’t even get me started on the bold, playful colors… And, for a girl on a budget like me (I’ve been known to harbor a shoe problem), the starting price point of $395 makes the Baby Satchel a reality. Oh, and if you want to learn more about Falchi & his Buffalos, I wrote it about it earlier this Fall! — @Bergdorfs
Available in Python

212 872 2577

Dior New Lock Python Wallet on Chain

J’adore the gold python of this fabulous bag from Dior!  The richness of gold python juxtaposed with the bag’s casual attitude… It’s the perfect bag to make holiday party rounds with. — Nelli
Available in Gold

212 872 2577
Dior Handbags are available in-store only

Dior New Lock Python Wallet on Chain, 212 872 2577

Celine Luggage Nano in Smooth Calf

Celine Luggage Nano, 212 872 2601

The one. The only. The bag that continues to flit happily throughout my dreams… The Luggage Nano.  Here for a limited time.  And you will have to fight me for it. — @Bergdorfs
Available in Black

212 872 2601
Celine Handbags are available in-store only

Valentino Mini Va Va Voom

Valentino Va Va Voom Clutch 212 872 2577

Va-Va Fabulous! This rocker chic bag from Valentino has a removable chain so it can double as a clutch (we love that here). The inside has two compartments and one open pocket so it can hold everything needed for a night out on the town!  Now let’s get rockin’
Available in Black. Also in Red & Green online.
212 872 2577

Jerome Dreyfuss Gold Twee Mini Bag

Jerome Dreyfuss Mini Twee Bag, 212 872 8901

Perfect to dress up or wear casually! It’s a little on the rugged side — so I like pairing it with a few of my 5F favorites (think Current/Elliott’s Animal jeans and layers upon layers!). It’s big enough to throw your small wallet, lipstick, phone and keys into without making it too bulky! Also, very important: it’s a great bag to take to brunch with your girlfriends or even out at night!

Available in Gold
212 872 8901

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