A Tall Girls Tips on Wearing Heels

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It’s a common question asked on twitter, “I really want to wear high heels but I’m 5’10″ and feel like I can’t… do you have any tips?”

As I’m 5’1″, this is a question that’s a good nine-inches beyond my territory. That’s where Mary comes in. Standing at a confident 5’10″, Mary is an assistant buyer for our Women’s Third Floor (think Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Proenza Schouler). Since working in our offices, Mary has worn flats approximately three times*; typically we see her sporting her signature combination of confidence, enthusiasm and 100mm — at the very least. So, since our eyes are tuned to Louboutin’s world of stilettos and such, it only seemed appropriate that Mary share her tall girl tips on wearing sky-high heels.


*this may be a slight exaggeration but let’s roll with it

Mary’s Tall Girl Tips on Wearing High Heels:

  1. BE CONFIDENT!!—No matter your height, wearing high heels is all about confidence! As a tall person, wearing heels is not about being even taller, it is about being confident and chic, and finding a style that helps to rock whatever clothes you are wearing. Confidence is the perfect accessory to any look!
  2. WEAR A WEDGE—Often times, wearing a wedge can give you the height and on-trend look you are going for but eliminates the severe look and feel of a stiletto heel. Wedges can be worn in all types of styles and climates… like, a wedge bootie is great for fall, and a wedge sandal or espadrille is perfect for spring.
  3. STAND UP STRAIGHT—If you’re ever unsure of yourself while learning to walk in high heels, always remember: even though you have added height with heel, if you slouch you will lose all of the poise that the shoe is working to add. In addition to adding to the beauty of the heel, keeping a proper posture will always help give you balance and assurance while waking in heels. Tall girls tend to slouch much more than average people, so to all the tall girls of the world… refer to point #1… Be confident and stand tall!
  4. BE COMFORTABLE—Make sure that the shoe fit and height are comfortable to you. If you are miserable, it will show in the way that you walk and will totally deflate your look. If you have a narrow foot, make sure that you wear a pad or size down a half-size so that your foot does not slide down too far into the toe box leaving the heel loose and causing it to slide off. If you have wide feet, you may want to select a style with a generous toe box. Either way, make sure that the style and fit is right for you so that you are comfortable and confident in your heels.
  5. FOLLOW THE THREE-INCH RULE—I always stick to the three-inch rule for any pumps or high heels. In order to achieve the appropriate proportion and maximize the attitude and sensuality that your heels can do for you, always select a height of at least three inches or higher for a classic heel. This may not be necessary for a wedge or summer sandal; but, even though you are tall, I always recommend skipping the kitten and going for the full heel whenever possible. Especially for tall girls or anyone with large feet, adding a higher heel – and therefore heightening your foot’s proportion – will eliminate some of the length and get rid of what I like to call the Ronald McDonald shoe effect. Try it!!
  6. TRY A PLATFORM—For comfort, try a shoe with a hidden platform inside. The comfort-factor of boots and booties with a small, but properly supportive platform, is invaluable. By reducing the steepness of the heel arch, and supporting a more normalized heel posture, a platform is the perfect go-to for long days or walking long distances in your heels.




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