Gucci Westman’s Daily Beauty Routine


Photograph Courtesy of Westman Atelier

Born in California and raised in Sweden, Gucci Westman has over two decades of experience as an editorial makeup artist, with contributions spanning from Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar to campaigns for Louis Vuitton and backstage beauty at prominent shows such as Oscar de la Renta and Brock Collection. She also has quite the impressive roster of celebrity clients including Jennifer Aniston, Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, and Gwyneth Paltrow.

In 2018, Westman added a new project to her plate by launching Westman Atelier, a thoughtfully curated collection of clean luxury cosmetics developed to work together as a “makeup wardrobe” for multi-faceted women like Westman herself. Consisting of blushes, bronzers, foundations, and more, the products combine high-performance pigments, active skincare ingredients, and the safest formulations, to provide the look of dewy, radiant, and healthy skin. To celebrate the launch of Westman Atelier at Begdorf Goodman, we sat down with Westman to talk about her daily beauty routine. Read the full story below and shop Westman Atelier now in store on the Beauty Level and online at

Westman Atelier Vital Skin Foundation Stick

“In the winter, I wear Vital Skin foundation in Atelier II and IV because I’m pretty pale and want to give myself a little warmth. I love using the WA foundation brush for a more refined application. It’s closer to your face so you get a smooth complexion with the brush. For any little blemish spots, I use a small brush with a pointed tip so I can really target the areas that need extra coverage.”


Westman Atelier Lit Up Highlight Stick

“I alternate applying Lit Up Highlight Stick under or over my foundation. For extra radiance, I apply a little to my cheekbones, nose, cupid’s bow, tear ducts and a bit under the eye. Lit is truly a sophisticated highlighter—its glassy and makes your complexion luminous. And it’s hydrating too!”


Westman Atelier Super Loaded Tinted Highlighter

“I love Super Loaded Tinted Highlight! It’s your all-in-one product. It frames your face and gives you definition, luminosity and warmth.”


Westman Atelier Blender Brush

“Sometimes I use the Blender Brush to sweep Peau de Peche over my cheekbones. The Blender Brush was specifically crafted for this product to help you identify where your cheekbone is, making the application super easy. All of our brushes are handcrafted in Japan!”


Westman Atelier Beauty Butter Powder Bronzer

“Next, I’ll warm up the rest of my face with Beauty Butter Bronzer. Using the Powder Brush, I dust lightly over my entire face—under the eyes, across my forehead and cheeks. I apply just enough to give my face some extra warmth.”


Westman Atelier Face Trace Contour Stick

“I love giving myself a little contour with a Face Trace. Right under my cheekbone, I apply a quick swish in the shade Biscuit, which is a really wearable color. You can apply it anywhere you want to give yourself a little definition—nose, eyes, etc. It’s so creamy and easy to blend.”


Westman Atelier Baby Cheeks Blush Stick

“Then I’ll choose a Baby Cheeks Blush. Today I’m using Poppet. Apply it with your finger by starting in the middle of the apple of your cheek in an oval, horizontal fashion and blend. It’s so pretty on the lips too! I’ll choose either Petal or Dou and pat it on my lips after I apply my blush to give myself a bit of life!”


Westman Atelier Eye Love You Mascara

“For my eyes, I’ll dab a bit of Super Loaded Tinted Highlight in Peau de Soleil on my eyelids. It creates a really pretty warm, golden luminance. If I’m going out at night, I’ll use earth toned shadows to create more definition. For the finishing touch, I coat my lashes in Eye Love You Mascara in Clean Black. I start near my tear ducts and move outwards using a feathery motion. The mascara adheres to the lashes right away and the formula helps curl my eyelashes. One coat is perfect.”




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