How to Find Your Bridal Style, According to Elaine Welteroth

Written by Alexandria Gomez with Photography by Pierre Crosby

Wedding planning can be many things: exciting, butterfly-inducing and, of course, stressful. But while seating charts and catering logistics can be total headaches, one place to embrace the frivolity and fun of it all is when shopping for the perfect wedding dress. That’s the advice of one of our favorite fashion insiders and bride-to-be Elaine Welteroth. For our pre-fall magazine, we caught up with the Project Runway judge, journalist, author and former Teen Vogue editor-in-chief to discuss her upcoming nuptials as she tried on dresses (for the first time!) in the BG Bridal Salon. Read on for her personal planning philosophy, what bridal style means to her and more and shop our bridal edit below.

“We have so many reasons to get dressed up in New York City in the life that we live,” Welteroth says. “There are galas, there’s the Met, there’s the Oscars, there’s all these special occasions where you get to wear fancy gowns and feel special, so for me, there’s less pressure on the look.”

That being said, it’s not as though she’s given the dress zero thought. “I never envisioned myself wearing a frilly princess dress, but I love this,” she says while wearing a Francesca Miranda ball gown. “I thought I’d be more into a bodycon style. I’m a fan of figure-flattering pieces in general.” A favorite she references is the Danielle Frankel gown she wore to last year’s CFDA Awards. “It was actually from a bridal collection,” she says. “Before that, I hadn’t thought about my wedding at all. But I’ve been ready to start planning ever since.”

When it comes to planning—whether that be the ceremony, music or outfit changes—Welteroth admits that she is constantly back and forth between going all-out and embracing simplicity. “I’m one of those people who is like, ‘I don’t really care, I’m going to be low-key, I hate planning weddings,” but then I take one step forward and it’s like, five gowns, endless outfit changes and everything is extra,” she says. “I think it will be fun either way and the one rule I have is no stress.”

Silhouettes, fabrications and even location are up in the air, but the vibe is locked down. “I think it’s just about finding a dress that evokes the emotion that I want to feel that day, which is comfortable in my skin, at ease and, obviously, beautiful,” she says. “The greater blessing is that I found my person.”

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