The Sartorialist’s Jenny Walton Talks Tomas Maier

Don’t let the snow fool you, Spring is officially here and we’re looking to Tomas Maier’s understated, beautiful designs to update our wardrobe. As we patiently wait for the weather to warm up, we chat with Jenny Walton, Fashion Director of The Sartorialist, about how she’s planning to wear her favorite Tomas Maier pieces around NYC this season. Click through for Spring outfit inspiration.

Bergdorf Goodman: Describe your dream 24 hours in New York City, and what you’d be wearing.
Jenny Walton: Walk my dog Charlie (she’s a 5 month old beagle!) all over the city. Stop for a bagel, maybe go to the Museum of Natural History, or go see a movie (or two or three or four movies). 🙂
BG: How does your art influence the way you get dressed? The clothing you like?
JW: There is a certain fluidity to my drawings that I like to bring to what I wear. You start thinking more about the overall silhouette and you start dressing with a more artistic eye.
BG: How did you first discover Tomas Maier?
JW: I first discovered his work when I was studying Fashion Design at Parsons. I liked Mr. Maier’s work right away because it felt very easy but well designed.
BG: Where will you be wearing these Tomas Maier pieces this Spring?
JW: All of the dresses wear very effortless. I could see myself wearing them just about anywhere, running errands, going to lunch, on a long walk through the park.

BG: What pieces are on your spring shopping list?
JW: After wearing these pieces, I’m thinking more and more about the simplicity of an easy belted shirtdress.
BG: What is your first memory at Bergdorf Goodman?
JW: I was on assignment as a student from Parsons! One of my instructors at Parsons sent us on a “shopping report” to Bergdorf’s. The idea was to have us inspect the store and report back with different trends and key items that we had seen. It was fun because for the first time I was shopping analytically & beyond just buying for myself.

Photos by Kevin Tachman courtesy of Tomas Maier

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