In the Spotlight: Roja Dove

Renowned for his incredible craftsmanship and creativity, Roja Dove offers an array of parfums that’s sure to include the right match for you. We asked the perfumer (who has been named a creative ambassador for Britain) how he begins his creative process and he revealed that it all begins with the name–the personality for which he creates a story. From “Diaghilev” which was inspired by the visionary ballet impresario to “Reckless” which was inspired by a specific line in a book, Dove has a profound understanding of the elements he works with to create a memorable scent that truly pertains to the name of the fragrance. Dove brings his romantic imagination to life through smell which is one of the most intimate and powerful senses that we naturally attach memories to. Whether it’s how your mother smelled lovely as she tucked you into bed before a party (the inspiration behind “A Goodnight Kiss”) or how that exotic stranger you met in passing had a distinctly delicious scent, these recollections are long-lasting and unforgettable. Dove brought back the equivalent of couture dressing in the world of perfumery with his abundant use of the finest ingredients–specifically aouds–and lavishly designed bottles that are dipped in gold and embellished with sparkling crystals/gemstones. Focused on quality and bespoke creations, Roja Parfums are made to become a part of the person who wears his/her chosen scent. Find your perfect scent.



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