High-Tech Couture: Behind The Scenes With Cucculelli Shaheen

The future of fashion is Cucculelli Shaheen, and lucky for us, the collection has arrived at BG. Created by husband-and-wife design duo, the collection features a made-to-measure aspect where the design process begins with a full body scan and ends with perfectly fitting couture pieces. Another highlight from the collection? Whether it’s your wedding date, birthdate, or any other date, the designers will create a pattern based on the constellation from the night sky, customized with your initials hidden in the stars. “We love the dichotomy of a very classical approach in the embroidery with the modern 3D scanning technology. We can design the embroidery to be most flattering and proportional for each client.” Here’s a look behind the scenes with Cucculelli Shaheen as the designers talk about their inspiration, design process and more.

Don’t miss the Cucculelli Shaheen trunk show this Tuesday 9/26 and Wednesday 9/27 to create your own couture piece using a body scan and view the new collection on the 4th floor.



The inspiration for our capsule was our time spent in Florence. There is a special energy in Florence, with so many artists and creative spirits, as well as a beautiful and rich sense of history. Anna worked in Palazzo Pucci, in the original ballroom with the marble busts lining the ceiling, and in our modernized house in Santo Spirito, we had a preserved arch in the entry way from the 1300s. We love this combination of the old and new together.


We took a road trip to Joshua Tree a few years ago, and Anthony was taking beautiful long-exposure photographs of the night sky. (Anna note: it was freezing and we were in a convertible!). The photographs were so beautiful, and we loved watching the movement of the stars across the sky – it was so inspiring! 


“We felt there was an opening for our aesthetic, which combines the modernity of New York and the romance of Italy. We both enjoy designing and drawing the motifs and doing the layouts for each piece; often, one of us will start the artwork, and the other will finish it, and vice-versa.”


“Our favorite item from the capsule is the Jewel Flower organza cape. It can be worn with the plunging jumpsuit, layered over jeans, or worn with a little brief. The possibilities are endless!”


Photography by Anthony Cucculelli



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