5 Questions: Pepa Pombo & L.A. Cano

In honor of their pop-up shop at Bergdorf Goodman, we sat down with Colombian designers Pepa Pombo and Eduardo Cano to tell us more about their beautiful collections. From Pepa Pombo’s versatile knit dresses to L.A. Cano’s artifact inspired jewelry, these are two collections you won’t want to miss.

Visit the pop-up shop on 3. Now through Monday, May 29.

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Bergdorf Goodman: How does history and heritage play a role in your design process? How do you see it reflected in the final product?

Pepa Pombo: History is always ingrained in our designs; our method of creating knitwear is uniquely ours from the beginning to the end. We create each piece from scratch, transforming raw fibers into intricately hand-woven clothing, using our unique process that I originated in the 1970s.

Eduardo Cano: Our family has been collecting Pre-Columbian art and artifacts for 5 generations, long before launching the jewelry brand. This unique history is central to our DNA and is always an inspiration to our design process. Our family collection of artifacts is permanently exhibited at the Bogota Gold Museum, and has become central to Colombian heritage in general. We constantly look to its incredible ancient designs for inspiration, and seek to recreate the originals into wearable, modern jewelry.

BG: Both of your collections have incredible craftsmanship: what are some of your favorite details from a signature item?

PP: One of my favorite pieces is one of our signature jackets that is essentially created by hand-weaving ribbons of fabric. The pattern of this particular weave is inspired by origami; the ribbon is folded over and over as it is woven, creating a beautiful chain of triangular shapes. Another favorite of mine is a gown that can be worn in a variety of ways. Not only is it reversible, but its straps can be tied several ways allowing it to be worn and styled differently each time. This versatility is another signature of our designs.

EC: I love the carefully crafted detail in our Cristobal Choker; if you look closely, you can see hieroglyphics telling the story of Christopher Columbus discovering South America.
BG: Your muse of the moment:

PP: Linda Rodin.

EC: Bianca Jagger in the 1970s is a muse for her iconic style – glamorous, bohemian, and, of course, Latin. I am also inspired by the real women of today.

BG: How do you see the Bergdorf Goodman woman wearing your collection this summer?

PP: I feel that the woman who wants to feel effortlessly chic will love our woven pants to wear out on a summer night, or our colorful gowns for a wedding. The unique and luxurious fabrics of the collection will make any woman feel glamorous, but comfortable and natural at the same time.

EC: For us, Bergdorf Goodman is synonymous with exclusivity and uniqueness. We see our statement pieces on the Bergdorf Goodman woman who values craftsmanship and appreciates the art and history behind the jewelry. Pieces like our oversized necklaces and chokers are the perfect complement to a summer dress and our embellished earrings can be worn easily from day to night.

BG: What is your first memory at Bergdorf Goodman?

PP: This takes me back 40 years ago. While visiting New York, I made the obligatory stop at Bergdorf Goodman, as any fashion lover does. As I entered the doorway and took in the space, the only thing I could think of is to one day have the opportunity to show my collection here. The incredible displays and curation have always made the experience of shopping something at Bergdorf Goodman magical.

EC: I have always had a fond memory of the beautiful window decorations on 5th Avenue each season.




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