5 Questions: Keira Knightley, The New Face Of Chanel Fine Jewelry

Bergdorf Goodman: What is your first memory wearing Chanel, either clothing or jewelry?

Keira Knightley: My first memory was at a Pirates of the Caribbean premiere. I wore a white Chanel dress with a black flower on it and it was the most sophisticated and amazing I had ever felt. My first memory of Chanel Jewelry was actually when they lent so much of their jewelry to the film Atonement, and I remember just how lovely it was because lots of jewelry companies, for understandable reasons won’t lend jewelry to films.

BG: If you had the whole coco crush collection in your dream closet, how would you style it for day-to-day?

KK: Oh my god, Its easy! You just kind of want to keep going and swap the fingers. I really really like it – I’m a big sucker for yellow gold and diamonds on the Coco Crush collection. I think its very clever to incorporate the iconic quilted detail into Chanel jewelry as well.

BG: So how does your packing list differ from NYC to London?

KK: I guess In London you always take an umbrella and a rain mack. And in New york you need a rain mack and sunscreen because you never know! Especially during fashion week.

BG: What is you favorite piece from chanel fine jewelry collection?

KK: I love the stars! And the feathers are really beautiful – I’ve worn one of the rings and they’re really gorgeous.

BG: As a top actress in the industry, do you ever find that your personal style sways depending on whom you’re playing at the time?

Ive learned that the 40s style suits, me so clothing references to the 30s and 40s is always going to be a safe bet. So yeah – if I’m doing a film that’s set in that time, I’ll tend to kind of go off and find similar dresses to what they’ve pulled.

BG: So there’s a discovery element when you’re working with costume designers?

KK: I mean it’s not as easy if we’re doing a 17th century or 14th century film to bring that corset into your wardrobe! That’s a bit tricky. But if I’m doing anything from the 20th century, I love to explore. Ive still got some beautiful dresses that were actually from ‘A Dangerous Method’. They’re beautiful, delicate and white and really lovely even paired with socks and converse for weekend in the country. The same with 20’s slip dresses! Easy and sophisticated.

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