5 Questions: Costa Brazil’s Francisco Costa

Francisco Costa photographed by Weston Wells

Photograph by Weston Wells

After fourteen years as Creative Director of Calvin Klein’s womenswear collection, designer Francisco Costa has launched Costa Brazil, a sustainable beauty line that nurtures the body with nature’s most healing elements. Inspired by his love for the arts and his hometown of Brazil, Costa set out to create a line of products beneficial to the body, the spirit, and the Earth. To learn more about the buzzy brand, we spoke with Costa about his transition from fashion to beauty, what the label represents to him, and his personal morning and nighttime grooming routines. Read the full Q&A below and shop Costa Brazil in store on the Beauty Level and online at BG.com.


Bergdorf Goodman: You are well known for your background as a fashion designer. When did you first become interested in creating a sustainable beauty line and how you approached it?


Francisco Costa: After so many years in the fashion industry working under great houses I felt the urge to create something unique and singularly my own. My love for the arts has always being an inspiration and not unfamiliar that I felt very inspired by the works of Piero Manzoni as a starting point. It provided me the design direction to start. Following naturally, Brazil became the core of the project. The Amazon is undoubtedly the  greatest source of rare, special ingredients and the source of life for the planet. The marriage of the two worlds brought Costa Brazil to life.


BG: What does Costa Brazil represent to you?


FC: Costa Brazil means that beauty is inseparable from the health of the earth. A complete cycle. From nature for nature.


BG: What do your morning and night time grooming routines look like?


FC: My beauty routine is minimal. I use a dry brush for exfoliation, raw salt for balance and iced water for the face. Currently I’ve being using the Costa Brazil skin ritual after my shower before bed time. It keeps my skin smooth and nurtured at the same time.


BG: Why was it important to have sustainability at the core of your business?

FC: We are an eco-beneficial brand. We are learning how to embrace nature’s cycles and respecting its promises. Our mission is to protect and educate our customers about the benefits of pure ingredients sourced from communities and locations where we can give back. We have partnered with Conservation International and with their guidance and support we have made impactful decisions on our supply chain to restore the environment and protect its people.


BG: What is your favorite Bergdorf Goodman memory?


FC: Bergdorf is the pinnacle of New York City retail. Beyond its great history, it stands for long lasting quality, beauty and service. It’s the most beautiful place in New York to shop and embrace luxury.  My memories are constant. Every time I’m at the store, I’m pleasantly surprised by its attention to detail and beauty.

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