5 Questions: Buly 1803

With all the excitement surrounding the first Buly shop opening exclusively at BG, we asked Ramdane Touhami and Victoire de Taillac to talk about the history of the brand and how they were able to revive it in order to relate to the modern woman. Visit the Buly boutique now on the Beauty Level.

Bergdorf Goodman: How did you come to discover Buly, and what made you want to revive the centuries-old brand?
Ramdane & Victoire: After reading Balzac’s Cesar Birotteau, a story inspired by Jean Francois Bully, we researched and discovered that the brand was still around and producing only one product. It was then that we decided to buy it and make big as it was in the 19th century.

BG: How do you incorporate the history of the brand into the new products you create?
R&V: With attention to detail, calligraphy and packaging that creates a unique experience.

BG: We are so excited that BG is home to the first ever Buly shop in the United States. Tell us about your favorite memory at Bergdorf Goodman.
R&V: BG is the ultimate New York department store. The clientele is so classic New York, you think that you can bump into someone like Woody Allen anytime. My first time was 15 years ago and I remember being in the restaurant having tea in the afternoon looking at the iconic view of Central Park. I didn’t know this part of New York existed until that moment.

BG: Who are some of the iconic women who have been known to use Buly? Who, or what is your muse when developing new product?
R&V: To us, every client has the same importance, they are all iconic. Our muse is beautiful skin, and we are always inspired to develop new solutions to help both men and women achieve flawless skin.

BG: What are 3 Buly products you recommend for the BG woman and why?

1- Eau Triple, the first real water based perfume which we are famous for. We believe  that water is better than alcohol for the skin.

2- Pommade Virginale Face Cream, the best face cream that we have ever experienced.

3- The Marble Jar Candle, Like we say, you can buy a candle everywhere but when you need “The Candle” you end up in our store.

Cover Photo: Courtesy of Buly 1803 

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