In Conversation with Anya Hindmarch

Anya Hindmarch, British Designer, in front of works by Thomas Ruff (left) and Anish Kapoor (right) selected by her for the Contemporary Curated exhibition and sale to be held by Sotheby's on September 20, London, UK. August 22 2016. Tom Jamieson for The New York Times

Photo by Tom Jamieson

Anya Hindmarch launched her namesake label in 1987 and has since established it as a global brand known for its “creativity, modern craftsmanship, personalization, and humor.” All the while, her extensive product offering of handbags and accessories has established a loyal fan base, who relies on her designs when looking to improve their lives.

To celebrate all of these aforementioned achievements along with Hindmarch’s personal joy of organization, she recently introduced the Labelled Concept Store, featuring a range of nylon travel bags and pouches labeled according to what is meant to be stocked inside of them. It first appeared in her Sloane Street, London store and launches this week as a pop-up at Bergdorf Goodman. To mark the occasion, we sat down with the English designer to talk about the brand’s ethos, her affinity for organization, and more. Read the full interview below and shop the Labelled Concept pop-up shop in store on 5.

Bergdorf Goodman: How would you describe the Anya Hindmarch brand?

Anya Hindmarch: Creativity, modern craftsmanship, things that make your life work, personalization and humor sit at the heart of everything we do.

BG: What inspired you to create the Labelled Collection?

AH: I am busy, I travel a lot and I have a big family, so things need to work. My labeling obsession naturally extended into designing a range of nylon travel bags and pouches that are embossed with words such as “BABY EMERGENCY KIT,” “LUNCHBOX” and “CABLES & CHARGERS.” They can remain pre-packed and ready and act as a sort of aide-memoire, so you never arrive in Tokyo without your laptop charger. The clear “IN FLIGHT” bag saves decanting everything into clear plastic bags at the airport, and means you always have your sleeping pills, eye shades and travel miniatures (another slight obsession . . . ) on hand.

BG: Have you always been such an organized person?

AH: My family teases me about my slightly obsessive neat-freak side, but while “SPARE SHAMPOO” was perhaps a step too far, I do find real joy in the art of organization. Benjamin Franklin once said, “For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned,” and that is an adage I quote slightly defensively.

BG: What would you say is the key to staying organized?

AH: Benjamin Franklin also stated, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” For me that means keep lightbulbs with lightbulbs and hair clips with hair clips. You can’t be organized unless you start with a good system. I think this is really the starting point, hence why I live by my labeled wash bag system. That and a mega forensic to-do list and I feel ready for anything!

BG: What is your favorite piece in the labelled collection and why?

AH: My favorite pieces would definitely be the Filing Cabinet, which we introduced into the range and I consider to be an organizational dream. It is ideal to hang on the back of the bathroom door or to keep at your desk. I keep mine filled with different colored pens for design. It’s become my latest obsession.

BG: What is your first memory of Bergdorf Goodman?

AH: My first ever American department store order was from Bergdorf Goodman. I remember when I received the order I rang to tell my mother from a red telephone box in Soho’s Golden Square in London. It is a moment that I will never forget.



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