Bergdorf Good Mornings with Maye Musk & Brooke Wall

Photography by Tiffany Sage /

Yesterday morning, we hosted the third installment of Bergdorf Good Mornings, our power breakfast series celebrating successful women across all industries. Chief executive and founder of the Wall Group, Brooke Wall, sat down with Canadian-South African model and dietician Maye Musk, who just released her book A Woman Makes a Plan, to discuss the importance of nutrition to overall health, embracing independence from a young age, why self-discipline is a key ingredient to success, and more. Following the panel, guests chatted over a breakfast of fruit parfaits and avocado toast while Musk signed her book in BG Restaurant, overlooking Central Park.

Above, see all of the highlights from the event and stay tuned for more from our Bergdorf Good Mornings series.



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