In Conversation with Chanel Temple of Hourglass Cosmetics


As Resident Artist at Hourglass Abbot Kinney, the brand’s flagship store in Venice, California, Chanel Temple trains artists on the latest launches, leads master classes, hosts in-store events and provides private tutorials for clients. Temple began her career as a makeup artist at the age of 18 and has been on the fast track ever since. Ahead of her Hourglass event on Bergdorf Goodman’s Beauty Level May 18th and 19th, we caught up with the beauty guru to chat about the brand, her favorite products, and a few beauty secrets she’s been keeping in her back pocket.

Bergdorf Goodman: Why did you decide to join the Hourglass family and what about the brand do you think resonates most with women?

Chanel Temple: I fell in love with Hourglass early on. There’s so much integrity behind the brand, the products and the people. I think it resonates with women because it’s timeless, innovative and luxurious. Most importantly, the products perform well.

BG: Do you have a memory of the first time you experienced Hourglass?

CT: I remember my aunt bought me an Hourglass lip gloss when I was 14. She told me that it was made by a cool, niche LA brand. I felt like the coolest cat ever with my lip gloss.

BG: Are there any secret beauty tips that you’ve picked up over the years you can share?

CT: I use a disposable mascara spoolie to exfoliate my lips! I just apply a little No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil, then rub the spoolie across my lips. It’s the easiest trick for softer, smoother lips! I also love using Veil Mineral Primer to clean up eyeshadow fall out. Use a little bit on a q-tip, then wipe up the fall out. The primer picks everything up so easily without smudging your makeup.

BG: If you were only able to use 3 products for the rest of your life, what would they be and why? 

CT: No. 28 Lip Treatment Oil is my stranded-on-a-desert-island product. It’s such a luxurious item, but it hydrates my lips like nothing else.

Equilibrium Day Fluid is the only SPF I’ve been able to wear that doesn’t break me out. My skin is extremely fair—I’m pretty much a vampire—so sun protection is important to me.

 Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation Stick is another must-have. It gives you a virtually perfect complexion. It’s perfect whether you need just a little coverage under the eyes or want full-face glam.  

BG: Walk us through your daily beauty routine.  

CT: When I’m doing a full look, there are a couple steps. I’ll moisturize then prime, followed by my foundation, setting powder, bronzer, blush and highlighter. I move onto eyes, starting with my brows which helps me map everything out. I’ll follow with eyeshadow, liner and mascara. Then finally, lipstick.

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