#BGTutorial: the Fishtail

Sharing the easy steps of the complicated-looking fishtail braidTeaser17

Our step-by-step guide to the perfect fishtail braid

Now here’s a little secret: the fishtail braid actually is far easier than it appears. And it’s kind of the perfect look for a carefree summer day.
All you need are long locks and an elastic.

1. Begin with partly damp hair. Comb it free of knots.

2. Gather hair as though you were creating a low pony.

3. Divide hair in two

4. Pull a small section from the far left side and cross it over to the far right side.

5. Pull a small section from the far right side and cross it over to the far left side.

6. Continue doing this, tightening the braid every few steps, until you get to the very bottom.

7. Once you have no more hair to braid, secure with an elastic (we’re currently wrapped up giddy with the latest neon elastics from Goody… because they glow in the dark & that’s just nifty. However, if you’re looking for something a bit more fancy, we’re happy to help with that on the Beauty Level) and loop the bottom end through the elastic (when unfurled, this will create pitch-perfect beachy waves… so long as you give it a spritz of Philip B’s Maui Wowie 212 872 2621)

8. If you want braid to remain tidy, mist with hairspray (currently, we’re digging Philip B’s Self Adjusting Hairspray 212 872 2621); however, if you want braid to become messy a la Splash, keep the braid in for the day and sleep on it (yes: you read that right), next morning you’ll discover the most enviable messy braid on the block.

NOTE: if you have shorter locks, don’t distress! You can sport a hippie-chic fishtail. Rather than braiding all of your hair, give it a petite side braid.





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