5 Questions: Teresa Tarmey


Teresa Tarmey began her career in skincare 22 years ago and is known for her glowy, pre-red carpet treatments, as well as her rejuvenating facials and at-home kits. She has clinics in London and New York and holds residences in Austria and the Maldives.

Starting December 10th, Tarmey will be at BG offering 20-minute facials for both the hands and face. We caught up with the skincare guru at her TriBeCa clinic to talk about her decades of experience, how she works with her clients, and more. See our Q&A below, catch her at BG until December 16th and shop her at-home kits on our Beauty Level.

Bergdorf Goodman: In your decades of experience in skincare, what have been the biggest findings/breakthroughs?

Teresa Tarmey: Microneedling, lasers, equipment—there are so many things out there that can change the skin for lifting, for pigmentation, peels that don’t blast the skin but actually just really make a difference. I’d say a lot of the equipment is really exciting—it’s just gotten better and better.

BG: When working with new clients, how do you approach assessing their needs and addressing their specific problems?

TT: The first thing I try and look at is pigmentation and broken capillaries, which cause redness. I always start with reducing that and then brightening the skin. If you brighten the rest of the skin and then work on those little bits individually you always see a difference even after one session.

BG: Can you tell us how you went about creating your comprehensive 12-week at-home microneedling program?

TT:  I used to suffer from really bad acne and I had a lot of scarring. Microneedling is what I used to treat my own skin and then I realized that a lot of clients wanted to do it themselves but were a little scared. I wanted to be able to give people what I do in the clinic at home, so the program is a mini version of what I do in the salon. There is no way to not see an immediate improvement with both of my kits.

BG: If you were only able to use 3 products for the rest of your life, what would they be and why?

TT: SPF, Retinol, and Cryotherapy. SPF is my number one product and that’s obviously because the sun is the worst thing for the skin. Retinol is amazing for most skin types, as it is a great preventative measure for aging since it helps fine lines and gives you brighter skin. The cryotherapy ball is simply great for de-puffing.

BG: Walk us through your daily skincare and beauty routine.

TT: My nighttime skincare routine is very simple. I recommend double cleansing at night even if you don’t wear makeup due to pollution on the skin. Personally, I like to use a gentle lactic acid toner that exfoliates my skin. The nights when I don’t use the toner, I apply retinol to keep my skin nice and fresh. Next, I use a serum and that’s it—done. If there are times when I feel more dry, I add an additional step for moisturizer. However, I’m not a massive fan of layering product— 3 maximum.

As for my morning routine, I cleanse once, apply a serum, and finish the face off with SPF. Two of my favorite SPFs include Heliocare and MD Solar Sciences.



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