5 Questions: RéVive’s Dr. Gregory Bays Brown

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RéVive Skincare was launched in 1997 by plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Gregory Bays Brown with the simple mission to help bring back a youthful, healthy glow to men and women. His products incorporate patented and Noble Prize winning Bio-Renewal Technology, which boosts collagen and increases skin cell renewal.

We recently sat down with Dr. Brown to discuss how to build a skin regimen, his three must-have products, and more. Read the interview below and don’t miss him today only on our Beauty Level from 3:00PM-5:00PM for one-on-one sessions.

Bergdorf Goodman: Can you tell us a bit about how you’ve formulated RéVive’s products and what the Bio Renewal Technology does for one’s skin?

Dr. Gregory Bays Brown: Some may wonder why I do skincare since I’m a plastic surgeon, which seems a little counter intuitive, but I stumbled into skincare 30 years ago. Biotechnology was new on the frontier and only first making human proteins that essentially keep us young. They are the proteins we lose with age and I found out that if these were applied to skincare, we could keep skin looking and behaving younger.

BG: In your years of experience in skincare, what have been the biggest findings and breakthroughs?

GBB: To me the biggest breakthroughs in skincare have not been the “wow” moments, but instead, moments that are more subtle. We are all going to get lines, wrinkles and sagging no matter how much surgery or filler we have. The key is to have dewy, glowy skin— that wonderful look of youth. Using appropriate skincare products like RéVive allows you to maintain that wonderful glow of youth. Another sign of aging I have discovered over the years is volume loss. It’s very insidious and not as obvious as wrinkles, but I think it’s really important to address it. RéVive was one of the first companies to introduce a volumizing product.

BG: Why are Glycolic peels so important for aging skin and how often should they be implemented into one’s skincare routine?

GBB: Glycolic peels are extremely important because we all have this natural stratum corneum, which is the dead outer layer of skin, which is our way to protect our face from the sun. The stratum corneum gets thicker in the summer since it does provide protection, but it also adds to aging and makes us look craggy. A peel is one of the best ways to get rid of that appearance and restart the skin’s renewal process. Peels also allow other products to be delivered more readily and asily to the target cells.

As for how often to implement peels into your own routine, everybody is different. Some people can do them twice a week while others can only do it once every other week. Ultimately, it depends on your skin type.


BG: If you could only advise patients to use three products for the rest of their lives, what would those be and why?

GBB: Sunscreen is the most important anti-aging cream anybody can have.  We’re all going to get ultraviolet rays so it’s crucial to use daily as you can’t reverse sun exposure. The second product is moisturizer since that in and of itself is anti-aging. The third and final product is cleansing with a proper pH. Bacteria is what contributes to lines and wrinkles— certainly rosacea and acne— so cleansing is important, especially for those who wear a lot of makeup regularly. An important note about cleansing is to keep the skin slightly acidic or pH-balanced because acidic skin is happy skin if it becomes alkaline.

BG: What are your do’s and don’ts for those working toward building a personalized skincare routine?

GBB: Keep it simple. To really get movement or change in skincare you have to do the same monotonous thing over a long period of time. You know your skin better than anybody, so you have to experiment and discover what works for you without overdoing it. I’ve noticed in sophisticated cities like New York where there is unlimited access to treatments, people get peels, dermabrasion, use Retin-A and acids; which all can exhaust your skin. Less is more and everything in moderation. At the end of the day, the most important thing is to be happy internally. Beauty is not only aesthetics but also a spiritual too. If you’re happy and you live a good life, that will come through as beauty.

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