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In 1999, Clive Christian took over one of the oldest British perfume houses—The Crown Perfumery—reviving its original values to create pure perfumes in complex formulas with the most precious ingredients. Here, the perfumer talks inspiration for his latest Art Deco fragrance, brand values, and more. Read the interview below and shop Clive Christian perfumes now on the beauty level.

Bergdorf Goodman: What was the inspiration for the Art Deco fragrance?
Clive Christian: The art deco movement for me was such an inspiring era—the use of sharp lines and bold architecture, the era dared to be different! This is where I started my journey with these two perfumes. I knew I wanted to create in perfume something just as elaborate and bold as this era was.

BG: Are there any special elements about the fragrance that you are particularly excited about?
CC: For me all Clive Christian perfumes are special and have special features!
The of Vanilla Orchid was vanilla, which is the second most expensive spice in the world and Cypress has such a complex base with oakwood and vanilla that captures the scent of brandy barrels and the taste of prohibition cocktails whispered in city jazz bars.


BG: Where would a woman go wearing this scent?
  CC: This perfume is a statement perfume, it’s a head turner, it’s a perfume that will command attention!

BG: How would you describe the Clive Christian brand in 5 words?
CC: Creators of the finest perfumes.

BG: What is your favorite Bergdorf Goodman memory?
CC: I always feel like Bergdorf Goodman is the US home for the Clive Christian perfumes,  as this is where the brand started its American adventure. Bergdorf Goodman was the first department store in the USA to sell the brand and that is why I always enjoy coming back here for personal appearances to meet both the longstanding and the new customers who have fallen in love with our products.

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