5 Questions: Carisa Janes Of Hourglass Cosmetics

The latest launch from Hourglass Cosmetics takes girl power to a new level with the GIRL lip stylo collection. We caught up with founder Carisa Janes to talk about her inspiration for the new collection, and what’s next for the innovative beauty brand.

Bergdorf Goodman: Who is your greatest female role model? 

Carisa Janes: I’m inspired by many confident, strong women. I chose Jenny Shimizu to partner with me for GIRL, not just as the face of the campaign, but also the inspiration. She’s a Leader. A Lover. A Peacemaker. I wanted to share her story from a 90s supermodel who broke traditional ideas of gender, age and race, to a 49 year old woman aspiring to be a police officer.

BG: The GIRL Lip Stylo collection includes shades with such powerful, motivational names such as Activist, Idealist, Innovator, Dreamer, etc… Which describes you best and why? 

CJ: I’m a Protector – I have three rescue dogs and am proud that all Hourglass products are cruelty free and do not test on animals. I also see myself as a Creator. My goal with Hourglass has always been to create products that make women’s lives easier and blend innovation, technology and beauty.

BG: What is your earliest memory of experimenting with beauty? 

CJ: All the women in my family were huge beauty enthusiasts, so I spent a lot of time playing with makeup as a child. I’ll never forget going to the Chanel makeup counter as a teenager for my first ever makeover. In college I spent all my money at the MAC counter.

BG: What’s the best beauty advice you ever received? 

CJ: Wear makeup! Even just a little lipstick, powder or mascara, to finish or polish a look, can make a huge difference and help you both look and feel your best. And drink plenty of water, exfoliate regularly and wear sunscreen.

BG: Where do you see your brand in 5 years?

CJ: I’ve always wanted to develop products that women are excited about, make feel more confident, and will use for years to come. In five years, I plan on continuing to focus on breakthrough formulations, technological innovations and reinventing cosmetics each season.

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