Ada Kokosar Takes Paris in Chanel Cruise

There is an ethereal quality to Ada Kokosar. Despite juggling a multi hyphenate career and constant travel, the New York based Italian seems to glow in every (truly original) look we see her in. Who better to catch up with in Paris, to learn how she’s wearing the new Chanel Cruise Collection?

BG: What was the first piece of Chanel you owned?

Ada Kokosar: It was my first trip to Paris, I was in my early twenties and I was already very much into vintage. In a little shop in the Maris I found a two pieces blazer, the classic fringed tweed with its vest coordinated. At that time I was wearing total denim looks and that jacket added an amazing subtle twist to my look, I was feeling very parisienne

BG: Where are you wearing these 2 looks?

AK: Strolling around Place Madelaine..

BG: The Chanel Cruise collection was inspired by Greece: how do you feel like these pieces translate to Paris?

AK: I think they fit very well since it’s all about the glory and the grandeur…

BG: Do you dress differently in Paris than when you are at home in NYC?

AK: I have to say, yes, i do. Paris inspires me to soften my silhouettes and feel more sensual and feminine while NY makes me want to have more structured shapes and more utilitarian comfort oriented.

BG: Any pieces you had a hard time parting with?

AK: I love the white cotton knit blouse.. the golden embroidery were reflecting a golden light on my face, so flattering!
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