5 Questions: Sanayi313’s Enis Karavil

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Founded by two brothers Enis and Amir Karavil, Sanayi313 is a Turkish footwear brand known for its expression and aesthetic of individual style. The collections are traditionally hand-crafted to evoke a modern attitude while reconnecting the past and the present, along with Middle Eastern and Western references. Here, we sat down with Enis to talk all things related to the label, from the inspiration behind its launch to the intricacies of the design process. Read it all below and shop the range now on 2.

Bergdorf Goodman: What inspired you to launch Sanayi313 in 2015?

Enis Karavil: Two brothers, we came together to build a lifestyle store in Istanbul. We both completed our studies in economics at the Bentley University in Massachusetts, a world-renowned college of business. While Amir plays an important role in the family business of automotive and construction chemicals, I followed my dream of design and listened my passions. My hunger for the aesthetic and curiosity for the newness joined Amir’s business expertise to pursue our life philosophy in Istanbul with Sanayi313.

At Sanayi 313, we are combining different disciplines: Design, art and food. A gallery of distinguished furniture, home and fashion accessories and a healthy, refined restaurant occupy the ground floor within different corners. Upstairs functions as an office space for Sanayi 313 Architects and Atelier.


BG: Your family has a rich history in leather making. What was it like growing up surrounded by such a unique craft?

EK: Sanayi313 Atelier Collections perfectly reconnect the past and the present, as well as Middle Eastern and Western references, by incorporating contrasting elements into impeccably crafted creations with a charming appeal. We draw inspiration from our travels, people around us and especially the history. We love to play with materials, textures, colors and finding different ways to express ourselves always excited us. Creating is the best pleasure. I strongly believe in “classics’’ rather than trends.

BG: What do you think sets Sanayi313 apart from other footwear brands today?

EK: We spend time with the artists and execute the technique and artwork one by one with them. There are several stages involved in making each embroidery. Each artwork is executed in rigorous precision. It is almost impossible to repeat the same pattern or texture; it takes 36 to 60 hours to weave each thread and complete one embellishment on a pair of slippers. Sometimes it requires three days to decorate a clutch. A meticulous amount of detail and work goes into each piece. Sanayi313 Atelier designs are bold, unique, timeless and meticulous.


BG: Where do you source the unique materials you use to make the shoes and can you elaborate on the production process for each pair?

EK: You can see lots of delicate metallic weaving and textures throughout the collection, inspired by caftans from the Ottoman Empire. We took this traditional craftsmanship and combined it with a modern twist for Sanayi313. We use elements of traditional techniques and craftsmanship in very exclusive artisanal workshops. Hands are very important instruments; we prefer to start playing around with materials and techniques rather than drawings. The embroideries are all hand made in our atelier in Mumbai, India. It might take up to 60 to 80 hours to complete one pair of slippers. Sanayi313 designs are all handcrafted in Florence with the use of luxurious natural materials, including canvas and silk satin, and then enriched with an array of intricate embroideries exclusively handcrafted. All of our shoes and bags are ‘’ Made in Italy’’.

BG: What has been your proudest moment for the company so far and how would you like to see it grow/expand?

EK: We are passionate about our designs. We aim to be one of the world’s classic brands.





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