5 Questions: ROKH’s Rok Hwang


If you are seeking out a new name to know when it comes to luxury womenswear, look no further than London-based Korean designer Rok Hwang. The Central Saint Martins graduate whose resume consists of stints at Celine, Chloe, and Louis Vuitton, is the talent behind the label ROKH, known for its classic garments that are deconstructed and than reconstructed into covetable pieces for the modern woman. We recently spoke with Hwang to find out how he got his start in fashion, who the ROKH woman is and what the design process looks like. Read it all below and shop the collection now on BG.com and in store on 3.

Bergdorf Goodman: How did you get your start in fashion? 

 Rok Hwang: That is something I could never explain perfectly. I always had the desire to create things and I wanted to study at Central Saint Martins. During my time at CSM, I realized my interest and fascination was more towards creating form and projecting idea and vision through image. 

BG: How would you describe the brand in 5 words or phrases? 

RH: Imperfection, artisanal, work in progress, raw, youth.

BG: Who is the ROKH woman? 

RH: The ROKH woman has a youthful mind and artistic soul. She has delicate taste, but still has a rebellious youth in mind.

BG: Can you describe the design process from start to finish? What was your inspiration for the latest collection? 

 RH: Everything starts and finishes with the fittings. All the ideas of creation start on the body and we drape and cut through the form to find the beauty during the process. Once I solidify the form, the atelier finishes the garment in most perfectly beautiful way.  

BG: What is your favorite Bergdorf Goodman memory? 

RH: When I was young, I went to New York with my dad for the first time and I saw the Christmas windows. The experience was very magical and I still remember that moment. For me, that will always be New York at Christmas.



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