5 Questions: Jewelry Designer Paul Morelli


Photograph Courtesy of Paul Morelli

Paul Morelli’s family business (founded in the early 20th century) began as an atelier for custom, one-of-a-kind theater costumes until the late ’70s, when Morelli took his place at the helm and steered the company’s course into the world of fine jewelry. To this day, his workshop remains in the same building in Philadelphia as the family’s first costume shop. There, Morelli and his team of artisans create each piece of jewelry from an original cast and finish them one at a time by hand. To learn more about Morelli, whose passion for art, precious stones, and metallurgy shines through in his work, we asked him to describe his label in three words, which pieces from his collection he is most excited about, and more. Read the full interview below and shop Paul Morelli now in store in the Jewelry Salon and online at BG.com.

Bergdorf Goodman: How would you describe the Paul Morelli brand in three words?

Paul Morelli: Timeless, confident, refined.

BG: What pieces from the current collection are you most excited about right now?

PM: I was just commissioned to make a pendant for a longtime client that is my new favorite piece. It has inspired a new collection that will be released in 2020. It has all the finest qualities of my other collections but has movement and surprise that only the owner will know about. Kind of a little secret between the jewelry and the wearer.

BG: Can you tell us a bit about your design process and how a piece of jewelry goes from concept to creation?

PM: The way I find inspiration is always different. I am always jotting down sketches and ideas from my life experience. I then go back to those sketches, days, weeks and even months later and see what jumps out at me. The sketch then turns into a concept and my team builds a wax model in the model shop on the third floor of my studio. After the model is complete, it’s cast and then set and finished on the second floor of the building. We ship it out from the office and gallery area on the first floor. Everything happens under one roof, which is very unique these days and we are very proud of that.

BG: If you could only give one piece of jewelry as gift this holiday season, which one would it be?

PM: A ring from my Confetti Collection, it can be worn every day and always impresses.

BG: What is your favorite Bergdorf Goodman memory?

PM: I think when Dawn Mellow, previous president and fashion director asked me to have my jewelry represented in the store. She is what Bergdorf Goodman is to me.

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