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Unveiled at Goodman’s: the (RED)™ Auction

Just as Banksy recently transformed New York into his own rapidly evolving gallery, Goodman’s Fifth Avenue windows adopted its own artistic unveiling to support the Sotheby’s New York and (RED)™ fight against Africa’s AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria epidemics.


Starting today, you can be the first to view select highlights from the November 23 (RED) auction celebrating masterworks of form and creativity.  The world’s foremost design pioneers Sir Jonathan Ive, KBE (otherwise known as the SVP of Design at Apple) and Marc Newson, CBE, spent over a year curating this diverse mix of the unexpected connected by their merit and innovation.  When on Fifth Avenue, look for a Damien Hirst “Spin Chair” designed by Jasper Morrison, a “Zvezda” cosmonaut suit actually worn during a Soviet Space Agency mission and a George Lucas-signed Storm Trooper helmet.  Yes, that’s right: a Storm Trooper helmet.


Organized by philanthropist/musician Bono, as well as the innovative Ive and Newson, this singular exhibition will be on display through the end of the month when these curiosities will travel a few blocks north to the full public exhibition (including pieces currently on display in London) beginning November 18.  Not only is this exhibition an incredible opportunity to celebrate extraordinary design, its November 23 Sotheby’s New York Sale will benefit The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria — an effort close to the (RED) heart (its original February 2008 Sotheby’s New York (RED) auction rased over $40 million to fight AIDS in Africa).


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