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And the Winner is…

Presenting our Polyvore Windows Challenge Winner!

11 16 2010

To celebrate this season’s Holiday Windows and our new book, The Windows of Bergdorf Goodman, we added a twist to tradition by joining with Polyvore to create a Holiday Windows Challenge.  With fantasy destination and day tripping in mind, users were provided the same inspirations and fashions favored by our visual team for their Holiday Windows installation on Fifth Avenue.

We received over 2,800 submissions.
Delightfully inspired, each set celebrated the fantastical wonders, creativity and whimsy that Linda Fargo, David Hoey and team impart upon their creations.  Choosing a winner was… difficult.  Linda, David and our tweeter, Bergdorfs, reviewed all 2,813 entries; they discussed  thematics, attention to detail, color scheme and more.  As to be expected, David was the most meticulous; viewing the entries as though he were peering into his own windows on Fifth Avenue, our Director of Visual Presentation considered the details that the common eye would most likely overlook: composition, scale and literary references.  Similarly, Linda noticed the minutia: homages to previous installations, models with robotic arms and top hats… the touches that add magic and mystery.  All were impressed by the online resources the contestants used — from those provided by us to stationery and vintage clothing sites.  And finally, after a full day of deliberation, our trio decided upon a set that David described as being “the most like any window I would install.”  For those who know him, this is a grand compliment.


And so, we are pleased to present our Polyvore Holiday Window Challenge Winner:
CJF Design♥’s Bergdorf Goodman #4
Bergdorf Goodman Polyvore Challenge Winner

For her window, CJF Design♥ presented a Carmen Marc Valvo one-shoulder dress amid Victorian London.  And, similar to our visual team, she incorporated elements found all over the internet — from 1stdibs and Project Gutenberg to

CJF Design♥ will receive a $2,500 Bergdorf Goodman Gift Card, an autographed copy of our new book Windows at Bergdorf Goodman, and invitation to the unveiling of our Holiday Windows with behind-the-scenes windows tour later this week.



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Many thanks to those who entered our Challenge – we were very impressed!