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On Fifth Avenue: What to wear to our Holiday Windows

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It’s that time of year… David Hoey and our windows team have set a date with Fifth Avenue and our Holiday Windows will be officially unveiled on Tuesday, November 20th.
Rumor has it Hoey was inspired by the drama and verve of 1920s Jazz Age, by Busby Berkley’s Hollywood musicals and by the Ziegfeld Follies…. so what should you wear on this notable date?

Plumes maybe. A little razzmatazz fringe… some sparkle and shine… Mr Cunningham may very well be there.  And you know what Anna said, We all get dressed for Bill.

But let’s be honest: it’s November, and Fifth Avenue is cold.  When the wind hits the streets right, it can form a wind-tunnel that could very well knock you over.  So dress responsibly. Wear gloves (fingerless if you’re keen to enter our #BGWindows Instagram Challenge). A hat. Boots.  Honor the BG Follies with your scarf.  Put a feather in your cap.  Be dramatic, wear a cape. But most important: dress warmly enough so you can comfortably gaze longingly into this year’s creations (they did take an entire year to craft) without feeling the biting cold.

View our Holiday Windows starting Monday, November 19!