Studio Visit: Joseph Altuzarra

Inspired by a Jim Jarmusch film, Joseph Altuzarra designed an alluring Fall Collection rich with patterns and highly wearable layering pieces. Here’s what he told us about the inspiration behind the collection during a recent visit to his studio in Soho:

“I saw this movie called Only Lovers Left Alive, which I really loved. The two main characters are vampires. One of them is extremely nostalgic and depressed, and the other one, Tilda Swinton, is full of curiosity and life. That narrative made me very open to the idea of trying new things. She has an incredible wardrobe from Morocco and Asia and Europe, from all these different time periods, and that sensibility has always appealed to me, this idea that you are sort of collecting stuff.”

“The sketching process for me is really important. It helps me figure out an idea. If I just look at someone else’s drawing, I can’t quite critique it until I work on it a little bit myself.”

“What’s really important to me as a designer is to think about the practical and the pragmatic but also the emotional and the wow factor. It’s a very powerful combination when a woman sees a dress or a coat or a top, and it’s beautiful, and she feels connected to it, but it’s also something that works for her, that fits her lifestyle.”

“It’s all about the individual pieces when I’m designing. When you have really good pieces, putting them together ends up being sort of simple.”

“The sketching and the fabric sort of happen hand in hand. Paisley was very early on something that I was interested in—different paisley and scarf prints.”


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Cassandra Sleeveless Mixed-Print Dress



Ming Fringe-Bib Colorblock Sweater



Long-Sleeve Scarf-Print Handkerchief Dress



Caravan Leather-&-Lace Stitched Sweater



Callie Croc-Embossed Ankle Boot




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