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Videos that Make Us Happy: Darwin Deez

8 31 2011

We can get slightly obsessive in the office here.  Perhaps it’s that we’re so attuned to trends that when we discover something we like (and I mean really like), we have to savor its creativity again and again and again.

Enter Darwin Deez.  A midsummer discovery, Darwin left us all giddy to the bones, laughing at his hilariously depressing lyrics (if you drop your keys / I hope there is a sewer / somewhere very nearby) juxtaposed against peppy, catchy melodies. And then there were his videos: computer screens flickered with Darwin’s dancing beanpole silhouette, PR girls giggled at the North Carolina-native’s distinctly jarring moves; Andy-the-Retoucher played Darwin’s album over and over again until our writer Coggins shut his office door with a finite thud.  Still, our obsession persevered: we even attended Darwin’s July show at the Bowery Ballroom.  There, Darwin and Caged Animals performed, in perfect synchronization, lyrical dance interpretations to Enya’s Orinoco Flow (ie: Sail Away. You may recall the warbling tunes from hours spent waiting for your dentist appointment) before strumming into his ever-popular Bed Space.   If that weren’t enough, Ace Norton’s cleverly directed Radar Detector became a weekly projection in our Creative Meetings; each week we discovered something new — a panorama photography headpiece a la throw-away cameras, vampire dentures fashioned from plastic cutlery; toothbrush popsicles… we couldn’t get enough of it.  And we wanted to weave him into our story…  we just had to find the right angle.  So you’ll be hearing much more from Darwin in forthcoming days (perhaps I’ve said too much?) but, until then, we do hope you enjoy a mid-morning laugh.

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