BG Obsessed: Tabitha Simmons

Meet Tabitha Simmons Thursday, October 24

10 21 2013
Tabitha Simmons Bailey in Hologram Green, 212 872 8947
We've always had a bit of a girl crush on shoe designer / stylist extraordinaire Tabitha Simmons. Not only does this fashion powerhouse design some of the most comfortable heels we've worn, her styles consistently combine her international lifestyle with a chic practicality.  A busy, multi-tasking mother of two, Simmons designs with her... View More

BG Obsessed: Touch Me Texture

9 24 2013
This week let's take a stroll through animal magnetism.  We've already established that the point-toe pump is the creme de la sole this season — so let's expand upon that notion... with a touch of texture.  That's right, we're talking about hair calf.  And, to Linda's delight, this season's shoes offer a menagerie of prints — from... View More

BG Obsessed: Shoes for Fashion Week

Our favorite soles for Fashion City's mean streets

9 3 2013
Manolo Blahnik BBs, 212 872 8947
September Fashion Week inspires a strange back-to-school feeling. Following a long, languid summer, we return to yet another bustling season filled with familiar faces, hourly schedules and the need for updated supplies. Yet rather than stocking up on freshly sharpened pencils and trapper keepers (hey, we're students of the 90s here), fashion students must... View More

#BGObsessed Instagram Challenge

8 26 2013
#BGObsessed Map
We take our obsessions seriously. Seriously. Two years ago, inspired by photographer John Clang, we mapped our Shoe Obsessions across the island of Manhattan - from the Top of the Rock to Prada hovering dangerously over the Brooklyn Bridge. We invited you to join us and we excitedly watched... View More

BG Obsessed: The Boys are Back

On adding bravado to our brogues

8 15 2013
Dries Van Noten Fall Collections, 212 872 2797
Every season there are just a few things — a certain shoe, bag, shape, a single must-have item — which define the moment.  And when it comes to your soles this fall, walk like a man.  Whether it's a Beatle boot, oxford or point-toe brogue, let men's footwear inspire.   Echo Kenickie and Zuko's greased... View More

Ana Maria’s Must-Have Fall Shoes

8 5 2013
Tabitha Simmons Banded Pump, 212 872 8947
BG Accessories Director Ana Maria Pimentel can boast that she has the most fun job within the BG family.  Seriously.  It's her job to engage with shoes and handbags all day.  Of course there are more serious responsibilities like meeting designers, deciphering trends and decoding how we may want to accessorize next season; but, at... View More

Day-in-the-Life of AGL

Getting to know the Giusti Sisters

8 1 2013
AGL Shoes & the Giusti Sisters
When it comes to designing AGL shoes, it's a family affair — crossing three generations. Founded in 1958 by designer Piero Giusti, AGL Shoes now finds its leadership within his granddaughter's hands.  Handcrafted in Italy, AGL feels decidedly clean, modern, Him for Her.  And it's no surprise that with Marianna, Vera and Sara intimately... View More

5 Questions with Gianvito Rossi

7 30 2013

New to Bergdorf Goodman, Italian shoe designer Gianvito Rossi met with us to answer the important questions: What style doesn’t he want to see come back? What’s his New York City Secret? And what childhood fashion memory haunts his dreams? Get to know the designer in the above video and stay tuned for details on …

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Walter Steiger’s Heels Are a Walk in the Park

7 17 2013
Believe it or not, there's a mathematical reason Walter Steiger's vertiginous heels are easy to navigate. It all has to do with angles and pitch.  While most heels thrust one's arch forward, Steiger's signature claw heel lends a soft-sloping shank, making a pair of 7.5" platforms feel on par with your favorite wedge.... View More

5F Summer: A.L.C. goes to the beach

6 25 2013
Tom Ford Campbell Metal-Detail Sunglasses, 212 872 2544
Traveling this summer? This season we're taking a trip with our 5F designers. Check back each week to see more vacation insider stories... their adventures are sure to be amazing. First up? Andrea Lieberman of A.L.C. who tells us, "We are spending July 4th in Laguna Beach, CA this year.  I am so looking forward to... View More