Walter Steiger’s Heels Are a Walk in the Park

7 17 2013

Believe it or not, there’s a mathematical reason Walter Steiger’s vertiginous heels are easy to navigate. It all has to do with angles and pitch.  While most heels thrust one’s arch forward, Steiger’s signature claw heel lends a soft-sloping shank, making a pair of 7.5″ platforms feel on par with your favorite wedge.  Steiger designed …

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5F Summer: A.L.C. goes to the beach

6 25 2013
Tom Ford Campbell Metal-Detail Sunglasses, 212 872 2544

Traveling this summer? This season we’re taking a trip with our 5F designers. Check back each week to see more vacation insider stories… their adventures are sure to be amazing. First up? Andrea Lieberman of A.L.C. who tells us, “We are spending July 4th in Laguna Beach, CA this year.  I am so looking forward to …

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#BGSale – These are the Shoes You Need

6 13 2013
Sophia Webster Lace-Up Sandal, 212 872 8941

We’re now a few weeks into Sale.  Days have passed.  Coveted styles quickly disappeared in the ether of Sale’s gotta-have-it-right-this-second frenzy.  Size ranges began to dwindle until there’s just the smallest and largest sizes available.  If only you were a 35… or a 41.5, then that Altuzarra gladiator would be yours… sigh.  But don’t panic. Just …

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#BGSale : Live from the Shoe Salon

@SashaCharnin and @Bergdorfs live-blog Shoe Sale

5 28 2013
Charlotte Olympia Bird of Paradise Cage Heel, 212 872 8947

Shoe Sale is coming… and tomorrow morning we’re giving you a live-action twist.  @bergdorfs and shoe-enthusiast @sashacharnin will be live-blogging their favorite #BGSale shoe finds right here on 5th/58th. Yes: they’ll be finding all the Valentino, Rick Owens, Givenchy and Manolo Blahnik spring styles (just marked at 30% off) and will be sharing their discoveries …

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She’s The One: What She Wants This Mother’s Day

5 9 2013
Prada Flower Square Sunglasses, 212 872 2544

Last week mothers Carolina Herrera and Monica Rich Kosann shared their Mother’s Day wish list. This week we asked our buyers and editors to share their top picks  for mom… follow our quick guide to getting her the best. We’ve handpicked a loving selection of gifts that are most in tune with the season’s definitive style. …

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Carolina Herrera & Monica Rich Kosann’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide

5 3 2013
Carolina Herrera & Grandchildren, Northeast Harbor Maine

This Mother’s Day take cues from two of the most stylish mothers we know – Carolina Herrera and Monica Rich Kosann. Mrs. Herrera, mother of four and grandmother of six, and Monica Rich Kosann, mother of two, shared what’s on their Mother’s Day list and family photos with us. Scroll through gallery at right to …

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Giuseppe Zanotti’s Sneaker Kick

4 29 2013
Giuseppe Zanotti Exclusive Sneaker Collection, 212 872 8947

Before he became a shoe designer, Giuseppe Zanotti worked as a DJ during the 80s club scene. This seems to explain the designer’s preternatural knack for sneaker design.  While more recently known for his vertiginous stilettos and, as a few of you may remember, heel-less wedge platforms, the Italian designer also has an extensive collection …

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#GetScattered : Manolo Blahnik

4 24 2013

Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik muses on what it was like to be discovered by Dawn Mello… as well as what it was like to see a suite of Fifth Avenue windows dedicated to his styles.

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Holy Cuteness: Sophia Webster now is on

4 24 2013
Sophia Webster Mollie Polka-Dot T-Strap Sandal, 212 872 8947

We’ve already established that we take our shoe obsessions seriously. So today we’re taking a moment to appreciate the styles of British designer Sophie Webster.  A once-upon-a-time student of Nicholas Kirkwood, Websters shoes are entirely girly, 100% flirty and buckets of fun.  While her time spent with Nicholas is quite apparent (just look at Sophia’s tie …

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Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection

What's Your Sign?

4 16 2013
Charlotte Olympia Cosmic Collection 212 872 8947

In this horoscope-obsessed fashion world, it comes to no surprise that sign-savvy shoe designer Charlotte Olympia-Dellal has dreamed up a collection of slippers inspired by your Zodiac sign.  With each pair featuring your sign, it’s a simple way of proudly exclaiming Hey! I’m a Leo – let me roooooar!! So we’ve studied the stars (and Charlotte’s own …

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