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Summer Shoe Round-up!

6 23 2014
Because we don't feel like ourselves without a killer pair of shoes on our feet. Click through to see some of our summer faves! Shop more shoes, 212 872 8947 View More

Weekend Wardrobe

5 23 2014
It is finally Memorial Day weekend--meaning summer is just around the corner! Here are a few of our favorite things to do in the city in Spring and Summer and what to wear for them. Click through to see! #5FSpringFling 212 872 8607 View More

Which Kitty Are You?

4 25 2014
Every girl needs a pair of shoes that fits her personality perfectly. Whether she's coy, sassy, or cool, there is a Charlotte Olympia kitty just like her. The chic smoking slipper inspired flats are offered in a wide array of colors and textures, each emulating a specific persona. Are you an urbanite who enjoys adventures... View More

Step into Spring with Manolo Blahnik

4 14 2014
It has been a long, frigid winter and though we love our boots, we are ready for warmth and sandals. (We just want to show off our pedicures!) There's something very sexy about a flattering sandal that hits the foot at the right spots much like a dress that drapes nicely and accentuates a woman's... View More

#BGObsessed – Giuseppe Zanotti

Celebrating 20 Years

4 7 2014
Giuseppe Zanotti Desktop
What better way to celebrate 20 years of Giuseppe Zanotti soles than with a series of desktop sketches straight from the designer himself?  That's right: Giuseppe Zanotti, the cooler-than-cool shoe designer who once was an equally sensational disc jockey has created limited-edition sketches just for you. Join us this Thursday, April 10 and the Adriatic... View More

#BGObsessed – Francesco Russo

3 31 2014
Francesco Russo, 212 872 8947
It’s true! Shoes on Two has grown even greater, and with the expansion, the Shoe Salon welcomes some exciting new additions. Francesco Russo designed shoes for Costume National and Miu Miu and created truly iconic pieces at YSL alongside Tom Ford and Stefano Pilati. He has now gone solo, creating shoes as one would... View More

Inside Rene Caovilla’s Shoe Museum

Our buyers take you to Venice

2 5 2014
Rene Caovilla Museum
We took a trip Rene Caovilla's workshop in Venice, Italy, where all the shoes have been handmade for over 80 years. Inside the building, Rene Caovilla has created a shoe museum, which showcases hundreds of shoes that have been created over the years. Their beautiful display inspired us to resurrect some of their most... View More

#BGObsessed : Rene Caovilla Wallpaper

2 3 2014
Rene Caovilla Wallpaper
Happy 80th Anniversary Rene Caovilla! With this capsule collection, Rene Caovilla celebrates 80 years of wonder.  Ten models, inspired by shoes that made the Caovilla heritage, have been re-edited and given a contemporary, luxury treatment.  It's a limited edition that tells a story of unparalleled excellence in the breathtaking scene of Venice — hand-picked by... View More

Best Accessories for the BG Bride

1 23 2014
G International Earrings, 212 872 8816
Dum-dum-da-dum.... You've found your dress, the venue is secured and the chapel's been confirmed for months. Now it's time to secure the minutia — those little details that complete the look.  Approach your accessories as you would a cake's frosting — it's the most frothy, fun and colorful ingredient. Are you an.... Elegant bride? Christian Louboutin's Body Strass... View More

Shoe Obsessed: #BGSale

Refresh your shoe wardrobe with these Shoe Sale Finds

12 4 2013
Saint Laurent Buckled Boot, 212 872 8947
It's that time of year... Shoe Sale is here.  And while most of us should be fretting about finishing our holiday shopping list, one can't help but go wild on just a pair or... more than a few. However it's important to be strategic, finesse a plan and resolve what's necessary and what... View More