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Betty knows Best (but so does Lena Dunham)

Five things we learned during our New Yorker Festival Brunch

10 7 2013
Yesterday BG Restaurant opened its doors to the New Yorker Festival.  Moderated by New Yorker contributor Judith Thurman (who also penned the inspiring New Yorker piece Betty Knows Best, the panel included actress, writer and director Lena Dunham and our eighty-five year old personal shopper Betty Halbreich (who pinned a photo of Lena & her boyfriend to... View More

David Webb: America’s Quintessential Jeweler

10 2 2013
David Webb Bracelet, 212 872 2570
David Webb is America’s quintessential jeweler . . . and a new, glorious book celebrating the jeweler captures his legacy and importance today.  Author Ruth Peltason unveils Webb's legacy with 5th/58th. In the first couple of years in business, back in the late 1940s, David Webb was one of those well-known “secrets” available only to... View More

Bold, Beautiful and Damned: The World of Tony Viramontes

9 12 2013

Discover the world of 1980s fashion illustrator Tony Viramontes in three and a half minutes.  With his sketches currently featured in our Fifth Avenue Fashion Week windows, Tony Viramontes electric drawings reinvigorated how fashion was presented during a time when fashion photography was becoming more and more popular. Canvassed by Dean Rhys Morgan’s new book The …

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BG Recipes: Lela Rose’s Bo Ssam

BGs 2009 FNO Top Chef shares her favorite recipe

8 29 2013
Lela Rose Fall Collection 212 872 2602
I'm looking forward to everyone getting back into town to start the fall. We love to have many dinners to welcome people back and get a chance to catch up. This is a perfect dish to do that with as it is a crowd pleaser, easy to serve, and looks like much more effort... View More

BG Recipes: Our Favorite Summer Cocktails

8 8 2013
The Algonquin at BG Restaurant
Following last week's Poolside Margarita, BG Restaurant shares its two favorite cocktails to beat the summer heat. While one is slightly sweeter and the other has a spicy kick, you'll find that both refresh and delight. *Click through to see the recipe cards* The Algonquin (1 Serving) 1 1/2 oz new york distilling... View More

BG Recipe: The Poolside Margarita

8 1 2013
BG Recipes: The Poolside Margarita
While the traditional margarita's origin is as diverse as a cocktail menu specials list, BG Restaurant's barkeep experimented with the season's freshest flavors to create this sweeter, beachier version. This summer favorite is a classic with a twist - The Poolside Margarita. Perfect for weekend afternoons by the pool or even outdoor dinners. Let's raise... View More

Monica Rich Kosann & The Film That Inspired Her New Boutique

7 23 2013
Monica Rich Kosann Charms
We have a new edition to the Seventh Floor. Designer & photographer, Monica Rich Kosann, worked with our team to design our first MRK boutique. The new boutique will feature her photography, jewelry, antique frames, candles, first collection of stationery and much more. Come celebrate the opening and see the new collections... View More

BG Recipes: Roasted Salmon & Summer Salad

7 21 2013
Salmon Salad
Entertaining guests this weekend? BG Restaurant Chef Marybeth Boller has a new recipe for us, and it couldn't be more tasty. Their new Oven Roasted Salmon and Summer Bean Salad is perfectly in tune with summertime favorites - salty ocean breeze, farmer's market vegetables, relaxing beach nights, fresh Atlantic fish... Follow the recipe below... View More

Day in the Sun: Vilebrequin & Where’s Waldo

5 21 2013
Vilbrequin Where's Waldo Shorts
You know Vilebrequin for their easygoing, whimsical swimsuits. They put you in a good mood, ready to relax on the beach in Southern France, or wherever you happen to be. Vilebrequin is a favorite among fathers and sons, and their latest collaboration is playful, light-hearted and perfect for Father's Day. Yes, it’s... View More

David Stark’s Art of the Summer Party

5 13 2013
David Stark, The Art of The Party - 23
With warmer weather and summer on our minds, we can't help but get excited about upcoming parties, weddings, alfresco dinners and festivities. In honor of the new season and a new book, we asked David Stark, author and President & Creative Director of David Stark Design and Production, to share his favorite tips... View More