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Faces of 5F: NYFW with Natasha

9 12 2011

BG Stories: Natasha Huang & The Faces of 5F

There are people who love New Year’s Eve, Halloween or simply their birthday…. but for others Fashion Week is the best week of the year. Coming from a fashion publicist’s point-of-view, lets just say I need a serious vacation the day after Fashion Week ends.

Fashion Week in New York City isn’t all about sky-high Louboutins, amazing people watching and fabulous after parties; for us at NH Media we are all prepping with lots of grueling hours at the office. For instance, imagine planning a wedding: You need to have an invite designed, prepare a guest list, a VIP guest list, mail out the invite, manage the RSVPs and then the best part, seating. Which magazine editors can’t sit near each other? Which celebrities aren’t getting along with another celebrity and who are the buyers who like to be at the end of the runway versus the beginning of the runway?

Sigh… I need a break. Too bad it’s only 10am and too early for a mojito so I do a little runway twirl around my office and return to show confirmations via email. Seating for a single show can make you a little dizzy, but working on the seating for three shows can be very overwhelming.

One of my clients collaborated with a shoe designer this season. So we have been back and forth with their PR team from the beginning. Which media outlet will get the exclusive interview and the photos of the shoes before they come out? That’s always a tough decision, however, here is a sneak peak at one of the pairs:

Natasha & the Faces of 5F

As Fashion Week approaches I begin to sleep, eat and socialize significantly less. Interns run in and out of the office frantic to make sure everyone is accounted for on media lists and invites are correctly addressed. Let’s just say, you will never look at an Excel spreadsheet the same after dealing with Fashion Week media guest lists! If you are a publicist and are reading this, you know exactly what I am talking about.

In between becoming cross-eyed with spreadsheets and running down to the garment district to my client’s showroom in my newly-purchased nude Manolos, my mind goes back and forth with my massive list of to-dos for the upcoming shows: Have the after party locations been secured? Have all the gift bag sponsors been confirmed? Even with a team of people, it can get really overwhelming and the days just never seem long enough.

So the next time you get a fancy invite to a runway show, just remember it’s not all air kisses and champagne parties… but it’s all worth it!

- Natasha, Faces of 5F

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