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Happy Bergdorf Goodman Day!

Signed & sealed by Mayor Bloomberg

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111 Years of Extraordinary just got more, well, extraordinary thanks to Mayor Bloomberg and our fine city of New York.  Today, Thursday, October 18, has been proclaimed Bergdorf Goodman Day. Officially.

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So how can you join us in the celebration?

- Update your desktop to match our 111 Shopping Bags

- Get a piece of BG History by shopping our anniversary collection

- Enjoy our BG Birthday Cake when you unlock our Bergdorf Goodman Day Special on Foursquare

- Watch Miss Piggy and Joan Rivers get fired from our makeup counter

- Polish your Bergdorf Goodman knowledge with our store timeline

- Share your own BG Story

- Digitally join us during tonight’s Anniversary Gala by following our #BGExtraordinary Instagram feed on Facebook

- Listen to David Hoey’s Windows Walking Tour of our Fifth Avenue Anniversary Windows

- Visit our #BG111 Pinterest Pinboard

- Watch Barbra Streisand sing & dance on the Main Floor

- And, of course, sign up to win the ultimate BG Birthday Gift