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BG Stories: First Job, New Shoes

10 20 2011

Shoe Sketch

Every year my family made a pilgrimage to New York City.  I am forever grateful to my mother for giving me familiarity with such a magical city. In those first couple trips, I looked forward most to toy stores… but it wasn’t long until my highlight stood at 5th and 58th. No visit was ever complete without a family stop to Bergdorf Goodman.

When my first business trip took me to New York, my mom met me for the weekend. I was 22, newly employed in finance and badly in need of fabulous work shoes. Naturally, we went to Bergdorf. I can still remember the awe the 2nd floor Shoe Salon inspired in my young adult self. So many beautiful soles that would work so well with my closet full of brand new business-casual…

Was it going to be black pumps, riding boots or a platform heel? No, I only had eyes for two toned, Oxford style flats from Marc Jacobs: mint green leather, accented with forest green; they were unique, fashionable and a breeze to wear on the San Francisco hills I climbed to work each day.

Little did I know, 10 years later, I would still wear those flats. And although I’m all grown up, I still keep that Marc Jacobs shoebox, the Bergdorf Goodman sticker facing out, on the shelf in my closet.


Bergdorf Goodman
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