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BG Stories: Belonging

10 20 2011

BG Restaurant View

To say that my only sister, Valerie, and I are close would be a tragic understatement. As children, we wanted to be twins. In fact, we often told people that we actually were, despite the fact that our coloring couldn’t be more opposite: me with my sun-kissed hair and olive skin, she with her porcelain skin and black hair.

Through our many differences over the years, Valerie and I bonded over a singular common interest: fashion. We love clothes…and shoes…and bags…and everything in between. Simply put: we can’t help ourselves. We pour over fashion magazines and websites, and often half or more of our conversations each week revolve completely around what we wore or what we plan to wear on any given day. She is the Blair to my Serena.

To add fuel to our fashion fire, our mom invited us to join her on her annual trek to New York City during the summer of 2010. We were ecstatic. We had both been to The City before, but not together as adults. And our personal lives could not have been more disparate: Valerie entered the vacation happily married to the love of her life; I, however, had just come off a tumultuous, devastating breakup.

We spent most of our nine days (yes…I said nine) in New York shopping and eating at various fabulous places around the city. It was a very special bonding time for Valerie and me. She and her husband truly took me under their wing after my breakup and did their best to comfort me and turn me back into a “real, live person” — as we are often not after a great trauma.

On one of our last days of the trip, Valerie demanded that we experience one of the top things on her list: lunch at the BG Restaurant. My mom and I clearly had no objections. As the elevator doors opened into the pristinely decorated restaurant, I thought to myself “We belong here.” I do remember the food being delicious… but most of all I remember sitting across from my amazing sister, looking at the New York City view out the window behind her and thinking I’m going to be just fine. And I am.

BG Restaurant will always remind me that, with family, you can get through anything.

— Michaela

Bergdorf Goodman
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