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BG Stories: Andrew Mukamal

Andrew Mukamal of Today’s Look shares his well-heeled BG Story.

Bergdorf Goodman holds a tight place in my heart… I come here more than even my friends who work here…

I thought about this for a while and I keep going back to one, of course, that takes place in the Shoe Salon.  You guys know Mama Mukamal… and we have spent many hours trying on everything from the most outlandish shoe to the most sensible… and of course the most epic Bergdorf Goodman Sale.  We’re always there that first morning on the couch with at least twenty boxes piled high next to us.

It was just the summer after college, and I was just starting as a stylist’s assistant and beginning to fully embrace the insanity of the Fashion Industry, the limits they were trying to push… from the highest shoe to the editorial factor within fashion.  And I remember coming in here with my Mom on the first morning of the Final Sale Markdown, sitting there with these crazy high Christian Louboutin platform stilettos.

Now this was at the peak of S&M fetish… it must’ve been 2008 when platforms were on the rise and heel heights could not get any higher.  And this time, instead of trying to convince my mom to buy something chic and accessible (like classic flats that she actually would wear), I sat there will all eyes on these Christian Louboutin platforms, with my Mom teetering around the floor in these babies, barely even able to walk.  But she loved me so much that she couldn’t even say no to whatever my recommendation was that morning…

For me, that is the essence of my Bergdorf Goodman experience, teetering on the brink of insanity and really embracing fashion.

TODAY’S LOOK with Andrew Mukamal

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