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Men Need Shoes Too

David Colman doesn't have a shoe problem

8 29 2012
I see you. Looking down on me. Or rather, down at my shoes. I know what you’re thinking. That they’re different than the ones I was wearing a little while ago. Which were different than the ones I had on this morning. Which were different than the... View More

Do Spats Skip a Century?

Hooman Majd on the sartorial clout of 1901

8 29 2012
Do spats skip a Century?

It’s been said that today, fashion moves in thirty-year or so cycles, based on the premise that since most fashion is dictated by thirtysomethings, they look to styles that were around at the time they were young. If that were always true, we’d be witnessing a revival of homburgs and spats for... View More

Menswear Aberrations

Randy Goldberg wonders what we were thinking...

8 29 2012

Not to worry you, but if you are currently (a) a man and (b) wearing clothes, you are being judged. Your coworkers notice how you carry off your suits. The lady in your life most likely has a more nuanced understanding of your jeans than you realize. And don’t believe that the... View More