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Winter’s Embrace: New England Travel Guide

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February is when winter seems long and you start to get worn down by the gray days. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You don’t have to flee to tropical islands—though the idea does appeal—you have to embrace what winter has to offer. Instead of heading south, head north. Instead of looking for the sun, look for the snow. It may be too ambitious at this late date to head to Utah or Colorado, but you can get easily to Vermont or Maine.  Pack your Ghurka bag (it’s the benchmark for weekend getaways, 212 335 3311) and you’re ready.

Stowe, is the classic Vermont ski resort, charming and picturesque. You’ll be easily spotted in a red cashmere Loro Piana scarf (212 335 3311) as you stroll down the lovely Main Street.  You can embrace comfort food at McCarthy’s Restaurant and then hit the slopes. When you’re recovering head over to the Matterhorn Bar. If you’re in the mood for something a little more upscale try Solstice. 

Maine doesn’t get too much tourism in the winter, so if you strategize you may have plenty of privacy. Sugarloaf and Sunday River are two places you’ll want to consider. If you have a room at the Grand Summit Hotel you’re central enough to have a lot of options. BG’s private label chukka will help you navigate the snowy streets. With your active midwinter virtue there’s no shame in hitting Rack BBQ, for a dinner of roasted ribs when you’re off the slopes. You’ve earned it.

What’s that? You want the après-ski feeling without leaving New York? More sympathetic we could not be. Put on your favorite sweater—Brunello Cucinelli has a smart shawl-collared pullover (212 339 3313), or perhaps a Polo Fair Isle cardigan (212 339 3347)—and head to The Drink in Williamsburg—not technically a lodge, but definitely recalls Maine’s better watering holes. And if you can get a spot by the fireplace in the bar room at Keen’s Chophouse, the legendary Manhattan restaurant that’s been around since 1865, you won’t want to leave until springtime. Stay strong, it’s closer than you think.