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Todd Snyder x Champion

Todd Snyder d

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I wanted to recreate my favorite sweatshirt that I bought while in college.  My sweatshirt went with me everywhere…  To the gym, to class, out to dinner and occasionally home with my girlfriend.  It was perfectly broken in, it had subtle wearing on the shoulder and sleeve but always cleaned up so that I could wear it with by Levis and desert boots home to visit mom.

To recreate that sweatshirt I first started with the softest ringspun cotton fleece.  I added a special wash that creates the softest hand.  The garment is made in Toronto Canada by the WS Company.  They use antique flatlock sewing machines that were originally used to make sweatshirts in the 60′s.  It creates a seam that is flat as possible so that it doesn’t rub on your skin.

I now have my favorite sweatshirt again that I can wear anywhere.  I wear it to the Equinox gym on Broadway in the Flat Iron.  It’s perfect getting me to and from the gym without getting too cold.  It also looks great if I run into friends on the street.  It’s important not to look too shabby when working out.

I wear my sweatshirt when running in Central Park, particularly on cold days.  It’s a great shield for the brisk morning weather.

I also love wearing me sweatshirt with just my jeans for bike rides with my wife and kids.

- Todd Snyder