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The Gentleman’s Guide to Hibernation

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It’s not uncommon at this time of year to retreat into your well-appointed apartment or home and catch up with your reading list. That’s the civilized way of saying: you’re hibernating in your man-cave. Yes, it’s time to drink a nice bottle of scotch and work your way through the entire Truffaut oeuvre on DVD, but at some point you’re going to have to emerge. The world wants to see you, and a little socialization will do you good.

Head to a warm and friendly watering hole—Old Town Bar is a good choice as is the Ear Inn. These fine establishments respect your need to drink and read and converse at an unhurried pace, which is conducive to midwinter.  Looking for something to read? The good people at Three Lives Bookstore in the West Village are knowledgeable about the latest releases but they also have an smart selection of more eccentric choices. Nearby is Bonnie Slotnick Cookbooks which is a terrific resource for learning about eating, drinking, French food, classic cocktails and more. It’s a terrific place.

You’re going to need some fortification against the cold. A good scarf is an easy way to raise your ensemble to lofty sartorial heights. A houndstooth Zegna in wine, perhaps? Or a more expressive red cashmere Loro Piana? Try it with a gray flannel suit and you deserve to feel prepared for the elements. Need even more reassurance than that? Then the Moncler fur-trim parka is the answer—it will get you face to face with Mother Nature—and civilization.

You still want your lair to be a suitable environment: it is, after all, your castle. Squirrel Brand’s black truffle almonds are a fine pleasure indeed, even if you’re a generous soul you may quickly find yourself hoarding them. Mariebelle chocolate is the right amount of indulgence. Any drink is more dignified when it’s served in Juliska glassware from the Czech Republic. And a Creed Aventus candle will bring the air a welcome fresh perspective. Stay strong lads, yes the days are short, but it’s a chance to read and drink, grow your beard and ponder the world’s great questions. And soon enough, the days will be getting longer.