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The Case For The Velvet Jacket

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There are staples that every man owns—a blazer, oxfords, chinos, bucks—and then there are more rarefied items that take a little more courage, at least at first. Once you cross the breach, however, you can’t believe you lived without a windowpane suit, for instance, or a pair of black and white spectator shoes. That’s why when we see men who’ve taken the leap it always gives satisfaction—they moved beyond their comfort zone into a brave new world of sartorial possibility.

This brings us to the velvet coat. Not uncommon as a dinner jacket in England, the velvet coat’s implications on these shores are more eccentric, decadent, even daring. It possesses a high degree of formality that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In Brioni’s one-button smoking jacket you’ll look like the man who enjoys dressing up and understands the pleasures of civilized life. Armani’s two-button peaked lapel dinner jacket is in that darkest blue—it’s indulgent in just the right way. When you embrace the velvet jacket, you can be sure that when you stride into a dinner party that the attention you receive is well deserved.

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