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Sole Man: Steven Rojas

GrandLife Hotel's Social Networker tests Jimmy Choo

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Every Shoe Library needs a Sole Man.  To celebrate our new Men’s Shoe Salon, we’ve asked a few gentlemen of New York to take our soles for a spin.  We’ll be meeting with one of them each week.

This week we asked GrandLife Hotel’s digital director Steven Rojas to test Jimmy Choo’s Cromwell, a black slip-on brogue.

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5th/58th: How would you describe your personal style? Does the neighborhood where you live and work influence what you put on each day?
Steven Rojas: My personal style can be described as modern day dapper. Working at GrandLife and being able to travel the world as well as being a born and raised New York’er has certainly influenced what I put on each day.

5th/58th: It’s a rare occasion to find you in socks…Is there ever a time when you do, in fact, cover up? Say… on the coldest day of winter or when running the Marathon? 
Unless its freezing or running, socks need not apply.

5th/58th: When it comes to shoes, what do you have in most abundance?
SR: Sneakers, but only because I went through a few years of sneaker collecting. I have a few pairs I have never even wore!

5th/58th: Be honest: were you one of those fellows who waits in line for a chance to collect the limited-edition sneakers? What was your most-prized acquisition?
SR: Never. I don’t have the patience to wait for anything. My most prized sneaker in my collection are my Nike SB Unkle Dunkle Futura Dunk High signed by Futura 2000 himself.

5th/58th: Have you worn Jimmy Choo before?  At first you were apprehensive of this particular style.  After a few weeks of testing them, how do they fall in your Sole Man spectrum?
 I had no idea Jimmy Choo even made shoes for men! When I first saw the shoes I was apprehensive about wearing them, but once I got them on I loved them. They fit great with my suits or jeans.

Find Jimmy Choo in the Men’s Shoe Library
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