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Sole Man: Sam Valenti

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Every Shoe Library needs a Sole Man.  To celebrate our new Men’s Shoe Salon, we’ve asked a few gentlemen of New York to take our soles for a spin.  We’ll be meeting with one of them each week.

This week we met with Sam Valenti, Founder of Ghostly International, to try out O’Keeffe. Today we caught up with Sam to see where his shoes have taken him throughout his recent travels.

5th/58th: Have you worn O’Keeffe before or even cap-toes?
Sam Valenti: I had not heard of O’Keeffe before, but now they keep popping up everywhere. I have cap toes, from cheapos to real nice ones, but these [O'Keeffe's] are without a doubt the most comfortable out of the box.

5th/58th: Are shoes the first or last thing you consider when getting dressed? In other words, to you dress from the ground up or are shoes more of an after-thought?
SV: Probably last, but when you wear shoes you love, it gives you the most pleasure. That and jackets.

5th/58th: You were very excited about these O’Keefes…where have they taken you so far?
SV: I’ve worn them from NYC to Detroit to San Francisco to LA and back. Also wore them to the rehearsal dinner at the wedding of my co-founder with a suit.

5th/58th: You’re always traveling – how does a Sole Man and cultural curator organize his suitcase?
SV: I’d love to be the real organized guy, but I’m the opposite, there is a lot of cramming involved. I bring a Porter weekend bag and a Property Of… backpack pretty much everywhere.  I tend to go for things I’m not afraid of getting dirty, it’s just how it is. Pre-approved security like TSA Pre and Clear are a must too.  You need not bring a shoe horn with you.

5th/58th: Music and shoes are very personal decisions…  What genre would O’Keeffe be?
SV: O’Keeffe would be like Tindersticks or Nick Cave. Something rich and dark but with ample swagger. 

Find O’Keeffe in the Men’s Shoe Library
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