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Sole Man: Michael Carl

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Every Shoe Library needs a Sole Man.  To celebrate our new Men’s Shoe Salon, we’ve asked a few gentlemen of New York to take our soles for a spin.  We’ll be meeting with one of them each week.

To kick things off, Vanity Fair’s Michael Carl (or known as the scathingly witty, bagel-hating, travels-with-unicorn @CarlsCrush) takes Fratelli Rosetti plum lace-ups to Milan and Paris Fashion Week.  We caught up with him to get his men’s shoe perspective.  Naturally, it’s in 140-characters or less.

5th/58th:  Do you match or contrast your shoes to our look?
Michael Carl:  I do match my shoes to my look but more importantly my mood, I rarely wear black shoes and, if I do, it’s probably best not to talk to me.

5th/58th: Sock Preference?
MC: I like a festive sock, but currently am trending towards no sock.

5th/58th: Do you own more… sneakers, oxfords, or monkstraps?
MC: Sneakers, however I just discovered the monk and went straight into double, so a closet full of brogues is in my future.

5th/58th: Have you worn Fratelli Rosetti before?
MC:  First time.

5th/58th: And during what sort of mood would you now wear these Rosettis?
MC: When I feel I need a little something to make me feel special


Find Fratelli Rosetti in the Men’s Shoe Library
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