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Printed Socks: The Art of Expression

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We’ve always avoided black socks—there are so many more expressive choices. And because socks are barely visible they’re a great chance to be bolder than usual. Now that spring is coming into view it’s a time to embrace even more color.

Here’s a little sock theory:

Wearing a dark suit? Give them a punch of color around your ankles. It shows you appreciate propriety but don’t take yourself too seriously.

With light shoes wear light socks. Spring is time to pull out the white bucks—they want to be paired with something just as fair. Fred Astaire did this masterfully—he wanted to attract attention to his sweet feet. Just follow his lead.

Khakis and chukka boots play well with stripes. Go bold and don’t look back.

Socks don’t need to be funny. They should just be as interesting as you are.

Enjoy the season.


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