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Our Fashion Director’s Guide to Sartorially Inclined Gentleman

Meet Matthew Singer, BG’s new Men’s Fashion Director. He offers some wit, wisdom and guidance to sartorially inclined gentleman.

-What’s your sartorial strategy?
Is that you should stick to the basics. Follow the traditional rules at first and then figure out what works for you.

-What’s a fashion rule that you never break?
Over the calf socks. If I am wearing dress socks they must be over the calf, NO exceptions! I recommend Sozzi for BG: super fine and very comfortable.

-What is the rule that you regularly break?
The “break” on my pants. I spend too much for my shoes to cover them up with my pants. It’s an argument worth having with my tailor.

-Are you a special devotee to any accessories?
I wouldn’t say devotee but I have been known to sport some fun pocket squares.

-What’s the last extravagant purchase that you made?
My second pair of Bontoni shoes–brown pebbled leather double monk strap. Saving up for number 3…

-What are you excited about for the Fall season?
All the projects to be unveiled at BG Men’s. The Shoe Library and the new 3rd floor are going to be game changers.

-What new lines are you into [that we carry in BG, naturally]?
I am loving Miller’s Oath on the 2nd floor. Modern tailoring with a traditional sensibility.

-What trend are you happy to see arrive?
A return to men dressing up. I love seeing guys in suits strutting their stuff. Shoes are shined, tie is knotted up and suit sharp!

-What trend are you ready to see leave?
The “party shirt”. Guys, you know who you are….

-What’s something every man should own? 
A navy sport coat—it’s come to my rescue many times.

-What advice would you give american men about how to dress? 
Step out of comfort zone once in a while. The little adjustments to the fit or style of your clothes makes a world of difference. Try a slimmer trouser or go sockless once in a while. It won’t kill you!. My door is always open for the debate.