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Meet the Menswear Dog

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It was bound to happen. People on Tumblr like menswear and people on Tumblr like dogs. Now they’ve come together into the Menswear Dog. The site went live almost 4 weeks ago and it won’t surprise you to find out that it became in instant success. We sat down with the duo behind the site, David and Yena, to ask then some of the urgent Menswear Dog questions of the day. 

5th/58th: What are your favorite Menswear designers? Does your dog have any favorites (ones that look best on him/ones that make him smile)?
Menswear Dog (MD): We’re really into classic heritage menswear from the likes of J.Crew, Unionmade Goods, The Hill Side and Gitman Brothers among others. We’ve tried out different looks but Bodhi (Menswear Dog’s real name) tends to really come alive when he’s styled more ruggedly, and less fussy. In terms of which is his favorite, I would guess the look that gets him the most treats.

5th/58th: Does a certain breed of dog lend itself to a certain designer?
MD: Sure, there’s already dog breeds out there that are associated with certain designers, but fashion is about the unexpected. I’d love to see a bulldog decked out in Prada or a Poodle rocking the dopest streetwear.

5th/58th: Your dog always looks like he seems to be enjoying himself. Is he just a natural model?
MD: Bodhi is very much a supermodel, attitude and all. He’s mood dependent, so when he doesn’t feel like shooting, you’ll get a swift paw to the face and then cameras stop. But that’s a rarity; he’s usually all smiles and blue steel during photoshoots. He doesn’t mind the peanut butter treats either.

5th/58thThe images are so composed. Is this really as easy as it looks?
MD: I think we’ve gotten it down to somewhat of a science now but it’s certainly not easy. There’s a lot of awkward behind-the-scenes process where clothes are clipped in the back with fast and furious shooting; it’s very much like any photoshoot with a professional model.

5th/58th: What are your dog’s favorite New York City places/ NYC secret spots?
MD: Dog parks are basically dance clubs for dogs, and there’s no better spot to score some fine tail than the one at Riverside Park. No wingman necessary at this dog run.

5th/58th: Do you feel sorry for badly dressed dogs?
MD: Yes. The era of cutesy dog fashion is over. Dogs know when they look good, and when they don’t.

 - David and Yena of Menswear Dog